As Time Passes By I Get More And More Lonely

i wonder where is she. could she exist, has she ever seen me, will she ever find me, does she know i am there for her, does she know that i will look through the entire universe for her, does she know who i am, does she love me for who i am, does she know that i love her to the point that i will never let her go, does she know that i be by her side. these are the questions that continue to float in my mind. i hope that she will be the one for me and that i am the one for her. i am 20 and i have yet found someone to be with. sometimes i think the race is on but love is not a race, but what if i never get a chance to love her, what if she has been  taken away from me, i hope that one day me and her will bond as one.

jonnyronny jonnyronny
18-21, M
2 Responses Mar 4, 2010

if only i were younger

If she is the one for you, she will be more than available for you.