Scared To Be Alone!!!!

My husband died almost two years ago and I still wake up everday scared to death....i am not the type of person that would take their own life but i don't exactly care about living either if that makes sense. I absolutely hate being alone!!! I am the kind of person that just does better in life with a mate by my side. Everyone keeps telling me I need to learn to be on my own. I keep telling them why!!! I don't want to be alone why should i have too be alone that will make me worse not better. I am use to handling life with someone i love and loves me and going through the day together...not alone-----life just sucks for me right now and I don't have anyone to turn to...everyone around me is giving me the same advice but they don't know that it isn't the kind of advice that will work for me. Please can someone help me???
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3 Responses Jan 5, 2011

I an so sorry that you have suffered. what a sad story! i hope that you have found love.. I wish that you have love and happiness

I think you should slowley but sureley move on in your life. I know its hard to let go of things that have been in your life for so long but eventually you need to. <br />
When you feel comfortable to, try and find a new partner but dont just get with someone because you are lonely, make sure you find someone that makes you happy.<br />
<br />
I wish you all the best

I completely understand how you feel! Now don't stop reading this when you hear (read) I am married and live with my husband. To understand why I understand (if that makes any sence) you would have to read my story. He is alive and here...but he is not here for me or our child. There are times when I am so scared of being alone I tell myself I will put through anything he dishes out just so he won't leave. I get the advice you are to good for this....leave him...move on....but as of today I can't. I am so scared of being alone. Please don't take offense when I say this but I would trade places with you in a heartbeat it I could stand the loneliness...cause then at least it wouldn't have been because he didn't love me...everyday I sit in our apartment it feels like it is getting smaller and smaller....I too would not hurt myself....I believe that would send me to hell and I alrready live there and don't want to spend eternity there.....but I do sometimes pray the God would just stop my heart...if it doesn't can't ache....