Cut Back On Brainwashing a Bit

If you're going to watch television, shouldn't you at least mute it or get up and do something else during commercial breaks?  What do you gain from sitting there and watching the commercials?
eromreven eromreven
3 Responses Dec 29, 2007

old information is a waste of time. i watch tv for entertainment and infromation, if a commercial contains niether of those, then it is ANNOYING. it's also a waste of time and energy. it does make a nice intermission but they do have too many breaks for too long. and why advertise anything more than once durring a given show? why???? do they realise that if thier commercials are played over and over and we don't find them hilarious, that we will slowly grow to hate the produt and company?

i'm on EP durring the commercials

I kind of like it. Doesn't make me buy something I don't want but lets me know what's out there and sometimes it's more amusing than the shows that are on. The ones I really hate are the infomercials. I suffer from insomnia so often have tv on in the wee small hours and they are soooo annoying. But by far the worst ones are for adult sites and supposed singles text messaging. They are really preying on those who are alone and lonely and late at night is the worst time.