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Buy Buy Buy.  I get really sick of it.  Brands that have no real difference.  Pressure to purchase things that you have no desire or need for.  I really don't enjoy seeing words on things that aren't literature of some kind.  I prefer to read from paper.  I don't like seeing words on buildings, boards in the sky, or shirts.  I really like quotes and I have a few interesting shirts with quotes on them, but I almost can't stand to see them on a shirt.  I have no advertising on things.  I received a Jelly Bean dispenser one year.  I love it, it is those old timey glass bulb things. It says Jelly Belly on it.  So I printed some cool art stickers and pasted it all over the glass bulb.  Problem solved.  I know this is a quirk, but it is what it is.  I love the Adbusters magazine.  Awesomeness

Krypton Krypton
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Threadless is in Chicago. I think the store is only a few years old. <br />
My favorite is the Mary Poppins and parachuters. They are all grand.

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Forum boy - It is a weird quirk that it bothers me, but eh, we are all a little off kilter. The 7 up shirt is a winner and I always prefer my makers of clothing to be in the double digits of age.<br />
Lilt - I should have known you were also a threadless addict. I own way too many of their shirts. Have you submitted any of the shirts? WHich one is your favorite that you own? Mine is this green one with a family of aliens with little striped hates. I also gave gift certs to threadless for presents last year. :P I even went to the store in I believe San Francisco, maybe Chicago, life gets blurry in the concaves of my memory. Can't recall, but I thought it was awesome that they had one.

I never wear any clothing with words or advertising. You are right, Krypton, it's a weird quirk. <br />
Yet, I can't knock advertising, it puts a roof over my head and food in the pantry. <br />
By the way....the COOLEST t-shirts EVER are at Artists submit their ideas and people vote on which ones the think should be printed. You will love it!

Hey, I dig it. Companies don't bother me so much... or the fact that they do, in fact... advertise and merchandise and propagandize or whatever. Well, it bothers me somewhat but I just try to remember that almost all brands started out with a person or two and some a-ha moment and the whole thing just snowballed since it was a good idea. I don't own any ad t-shirts or anything. I actually usually only wear boring polo shirts or something similarly plain since guy-style is non-existent unless you're sporting the metro look or an Adidas shirt or something...<br />
<br />
Ah, ****. I do own one brand t-shirt but it was a gift and because the ads were funny. the MAKE 7 ... UP YOURS shirt lolbbq. I don't feel too bad about that one.<br />
<br />
Adidas makes the best, most durable shoes of any major brand though... they're clearly built by 12 year olds and not those rookie 9 year olds like the Nike and Reebok factories have. That kind of quality and workskidship can only come from a tween. I've been wearing two pairs of them for almost 8 years now haha. I dont mind that logo on me and its the only one. And only on my feet. I'm rambling so I'm going to stop.<br />
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