I'm actually going to define the real term for Hell for you since the majority of people wouldn't know to begin with especially Christians... Hell is actually know as Hel and is never mentioned in the bible as Hell. Hel is from Norse mythology and is a goddess, not a place. She is one of three of Loki's children. She is the goddess of the Norse underworld which is the opposite of Valhalla. If you die in shame or no glory you go to Hel where she will determine where to place you which isn't always bad. If you play Skyrim's Dawnguard the Realm you go to would be equivalent to the Norse underworld. Hel is also an ancient Norse term for grave so the term "Go to Hel(l)" pretty much means go die. Now in the holy land of Christianity Hell had a different meaning. It was a cremation fire for those who died but were of the poor decent in the rural areas of cities. Hell as a punishment was only ever brought up in a letter. Heaven is also Norse which is meant for Valhalla. When the crusades came about slaughtering everyone in the peaceful name of Jesus they stole these Norse ideologies. It is said the the Christian god came from the aftermath of Ragnarok (judgement of gods) which would die or survive and new gods would take place. All of the universe would be destroyed but the gods and humans won the battle yet only two humans remained. A man and a woman which is where Adam and Eve's origins came about. The tree of life Yggdrasil is the center of the universe and durning Ragnarok it burnt down and after the battle a a new tree/garden rose from the ashes which is where the Garden of Eden came about. Now you know invade some youth pastor can't answer your questions and he or she tries making something up !!!
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Wow...beyond interesting. Thanks for that!

You're very much welcome!

Where is a good place I can learn more?

I would do research on Norse mythology versus Christianity or find comparisons like how the God Baldr is where Jesus may have been copied from. The internet has some great sources but you get some childish people who just want to bash Christianity with blind fire instead of accurate answers. I've read many books on it including the Poetic Edda which is like the Norse bible and where it all came about. Finding defined stanzas from it helps a lot too. There are also forums that people from Scandinavia made who still take part in the Norse religion and keep it alive and maintain the culture! They can help you hot the most.

See I heard that Jesus was the literal sun and something about how the lamb or whatever was because we're currently in the era of Aries. The end of times isn't actually an end of time but just an end of that era...moving onto Taurus. Not sure if that is related or what.

I think the the astrological theories came from Asian regions which I don't know much about. I know that some people believe the Ragnarok has happened and some say it hasn't happened and if it hasn't happened and the prophecies are true the Christianity is not a thing and people are pretty much believing in something that isn't real or has even happened yet. But some of the prophecies that are written in the Edda and quoted by the gods have accurately claimed the creation of the Christian god whom would take all credit. Kind of like a newer Loki. Which if this were all true then 99% of the world are believing different tails except the Hindus and Buddhists who have found a way that works for them and only suggest a it to people instead of destroying their homes and live for not agreeing

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Great description. I knew it was all based on Norse after I studied the Vikings, I just never knew it in this much detail!

Sadly that's what happens when cultures get destroyed by one large beliefe.