Just Because You Signal, Doesn't Mean I Have To Let You Go

Im going to start with the story of the cyclist, and how I nearly came to wearing them on the bonnet of my car. He cycled in the bus lane, it was clear, he's allowed too. The bus in front of him stopped to pick up passengers, he signaled, then pulled out in front of me. Did I have time to brake? Only just. Was it my fault he nearly crashed into me? Apparently so.

Then there's the people who think they have every right to be rude, just because. Like the man who called me a racist when I shut the window on the bus. It was raining, it was getting me wet. It was nowhere near him. Yet he felt the need to walk all the way to where I was sitting, to shout at me and call me a racist for closing the window.

Then there's the woman who thought it would acceptable to...........................

I could go on forever.

What gets me, is that they're allowed to get away with it. If I stand up to them, I'd only look silly. I'd get the 'it's a silly little woman shouting at me, she must be on her period look'. I ******* hate that.

Who the **** tells them it's ok to forget any decency and let other's get on with their lives peacefully.....

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That there is a rather ignorant comment, let alone arrogant comment in itself.

Actualy you are required, by law, to give way in that situation. He was obvioulsy infront of you and if you had been paying proper attention to the road you should have predicted his manouver and slowed to allow him into your lane. Just as a car would do. I believe your attitude to his "arrogance" to expect not be killed by you might explain why people shout at you so much. It is rude and arrogant to beleieve he doesn't have right of way. If you sont believe me then hit the next cyclist who tries it and see how quickly you get sued by his familly, have your license revoked, lose your insurance and if you're really lucky do time for vehicular manslaughter.


yeah, what she said...

Yep......I dunno why I repeated what you said..haha

It may well be that, and that they've been allowed to get away with it for so long<br />
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<br />

Annoying, isn't it?

Quite so old girl ......

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For you? Always

Hehe of course you can! I'll put on a roast for you

aw that's not good<br />
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I like the gravy my mum makes


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Haha Wolfie, that's lucky<br />
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Arorin, you're not arrogant like that

Well too bad because I am going to stay arrogant.

It's a lot of people, not just one or two. But yeah, it gets to me


Lemme at 'em... you grab the fockers and I'll bitchslap 'em silly.