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I have just been reading about a proposal for a new cattle factory in England where 8,100 'battery cows' will be milked around the clock.

The pictures of what will be Westerns Europe's largest super 'farm' are for me like something out of a soul destroying futuristic horror film.

I don't know what I can do to stop this cruelty , the article ends stating that only by voting with our wallets can we stop it .. but I don't see how.

I would gladly pay ten x what I pay now for milk for the cows to be treated with respect and able to see the sky and feel the sun, wind and rain, graze and lie down on grass every day.

But how many people feel the same?

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Hi OT. I dare say that most people would agree that conventional dairy farming methods are already intolerably cruel if they knew how their products were produced.<br />
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Cows don't just magically produce milk, they need to give birth to a calf every year. The male calves are unwanted by-product of this process, and are called Bobby calves.<br />
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"Many calves are born prematurely after an induced birth as a way of keeping milking herds on a uniform milk production cycle. These male calves are usually separated from their mothers at a little more than a day old, and then fed milk from a bucket. At around four days old these calves are then transported to an abattoir to be slaughtered for veal." (1).<br />
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Australia is currently considering a standard (2) for how long Bobby calves can go without feeding ('Time Off Feed', or TOF) during transport to the abattoir, which will likely be 30 hours.<br />
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There are no international standards for how long Bobby calves can be transported without food. They are physiologically immature with little fat reserves, poorly developed thermoregulatory mechanisms and a lack of responsiveness to external stimuli, and yet are taken from their mothers and transported for up to 12 hours and without food for up to 30 hours to abattoirs where they can be held for hours before they are slaughtered.<br />
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I would post a link to footage of how they are handled in California, but it's truly horrific to watch.<br />
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My point... I'm already vegetarian and I think I've done enough thinking about switching away from dairy products. The only way to make your opinion count is to stop buying animal products.<br />
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I'm going to try almond milk like Ticia mentioned to start with.<br />
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References:<br />
(1)<br />

Hi Miss Tas <br />
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I have been to observe the workings of a milk farmer. <br />
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The animals in your pic still see the sunlight. Normally the milking shed is a converted barn and is dank and dark.<br />
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The most important thing is that the cow only spends 2 half hour sessions in the milking stations per day. The rest of the time they are out grazing. <br />
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Further, she is only subjected to this while lactating and for some reason (I forget why) it is good for them to be milked.<br />
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Have you given a thought to the young bullocks that are slaughtered at around 8 months. This yields the most tender steaks. This done because they are useless to the farmer.

As a farmers wife for 8 years now, my eyes have been opened. We have seen all that goes into these enormous farms - where all that matters is a fat bank balance. It's just awful Little, natural as God intended weirdos like us are outnumbered, out priced, overlooked, despised, ridiculed and out marketed. But at least WE eat healthy, as do our cattle, sheep, chickens, geese and our crops too, as well as those that are lucky enough to get our products! <br />
Our bank balance, unfortunately, is in the red. However, I cannot eat what the supermarkets are selling today - I know how it got there - full of anti-biotics, pesticides, growth hormones, genetic engineering, insecticides, all kinds of medications, innoculations and mutations and inhumane and cruel farming, and slaughtering methods. NO THANK YOU! <br />
Support your little, local, natural, organic, free-range farmer. You'll both be far healthier! X@

Hi Owlie, yes, we think its natutral now .. mad!<br />
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Hi Ticia, I will look out for almond milk, not heard of it before.

Aloha OT! Cruelties such as this are what compels me to be a vegetarian. As for milk, have you tried almond milk? I just discovered it and it's really good!

The silly thing is, as adults it is not natural for us to consume dairy products. The trouble is we've been brought up on it and so much of what we eat has dairy products in it.<br />
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Just yesterday I was reading that people from eastern counties, notably China, Japan, Vietnam and Thailand have a very low rate of cancer. Some believe no dairy is the reason.<br />
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But to house any living thing the way they do in these farm factories is plain cruelty for the sake of greed.

I have tried soya as I have a vegan (ish ) sibling but I dont like it at all<br />
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I would be very willing pay 4/5 x more for my milk if cruelty free . but I do understand that would not be a viable option for everyone

It seems the movement starts with awareness. If people KNOW about the side effects of this lifestyle-if they know that their milk potentially contains artificial hormones, antibiotics, and potentially even pus from infections of over-use to the cows, they're a little more willing to pay for milk that was produced correctly.

I've started growing a little of my own food. If I had time, I would do more. I really love knowing that my food is grown organically and that nothing has been sprayed on it, shot into it, or altered it genetically.

Actually, the best you can do is to do something about it. I know it seems like a big task, but if this truly revolts you, get a petition together, talk to people face to face. Don't just sit back behind a computer screen and put a brave face on. If you really really feel so strongly about it, DO SOMETHING...<br />
All the cruelty in the world happens because good people who genuienly care sit back doing nothing because they feel powerless. This thing isn't built yet. If you've never taken a stand for anything in your life, start now!<br />
-make a petition asking for it to be stopped<br />
-research the proposal, oppose the buildings<br />
-find out about the milk market, is there a better way? Could you sustain more industry growing soy or using other forms of milk<br />
-enlist people who also feel the same way<br />
-NEVER TAKE NO for an answer.<br />
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People tell me all the time to accept things. I can accept that the sun will come up in the morning, and go down in the evening. That's something I can't change. But you can change this.<br />

We cannot pretend we dont know what goes on and yet it is such a nightmare it is so hard to face <br />
<br />
I guess the best we can do is write about it and draw attention to the dreadful cruelty <br />
<br />
It always surprises me when people seem genuinely shocked and say that they had no idea what goes on

I know! All this industry of cruelty towards animals it's so horrifying, and not only the cows suffer there, there are many other animals who are killed each day in extremely cruel ways. Just imagine, 27 billion animals are killed each year to turn them into products. That's so unfair. Animals are innocent living beings able to feel and all they feel over there is pain. They are put in cages where they can't even turn around, they live in extreme conditions and at the end all they are waiting for is to be killed in painful ways.<br />
Factory farms are repugnant.

If it would help change things I would never use milk again. We can get the same nutrients from other sources.<br />
I dont like soya milk but sure I could over time.<br />
If we all stopped using cow products cows I guess cows would cease to exist. We want to use their milk etc but we have to treat them woth kindness.

Yes, I heard about it on the news today...It's sad that animals in these places are made to suffer and I think you're right that it won't make much difference if people vote with their wallets to try and stop it. At the end of the day it all boils down to keeping the enormous human population supplied with milk, and the amount needed just can't be produced by cows on conventional farms :(