I Don't Think He's In The Military :(.

So I met this guy online named Mike and I'm beginning to think he's been lying to me. We had begun talking a few days ago and then we met in person, and when we're together in person we can talk for hours on end without issue. But now I'm questioning some of the things he's been saying to me. He says hes in the Navy (had no idea he was until we were talking through text messages after we talked online) and I've never seen him with a Military ID before.. he says he leaves it at home and that he's trying to get out and "dis command" from the military so that if he becomes a Veteran and based on his occupation, that they will try to reactiviate him and his men because they're young. This is something I've never heard of before. He told me he spent about a week each in Afghanistan and Iraq.. that he went to Korea, Africa and Palestine. He also told me some war related things that he hasn't told anyone before. He said his buddy got shot by a sniper infront of him as they were fixing a broken down vehicle in the desert. He said 3 American humvees got blown up in Africa and that he was in the last one and that it was in the news and everything. He said he used to go to boot camp every Summer because of his grandfather being a top authority figure in the Navy or something. So they asked him to enlist and he said no.. then he ended up enlisting. He said he was deployed for a year and that the girl he was engaged to, who he had been with for 5 years, he discovered cheating a few weeks before their wedding. He said he's a Navy SEAL so I asked to see some ID and he said that's classified information and that it's not gonna say "SEAL" on the ID, but just Navy on the ID. He said he has 2 months left on his contract, but like I already said, he's trying to dis command from the military. He told me to feel his back, and i felt something sticking out of it, and he said he has metal plates in his back from being blown up and from getting something stuck in his back when he was little. He said the only reason he got to enlist was because of his grandfather. He has three facebook accounts (that maybe he hasn't checked cause i sent friend requests to two of them) he said two of them are hacker accounts cause he gets paid to hack people and everything. He said he owns a few different construction companies and works long days. He also told me he's 23, but on one of his Facebooks it said he graduated from HS in 2009.. I know he said he did really bad in high school so maybe that's why. He also asked me to marry him and that he wants us to have a family and that I'm his dream girl and thats why he told me about his deployments because he knows he's gonna spend the rest of his life with me.
The only reason why I said something doesn't feel right is because I don't think his stories add up. I don't want to accuse someone of lying, so I wanna know whether or not he's really lying to me. I don't know anything about the Navy or military so. I really do want to believe him.

If he is who he says he is, then he's the sweetest person ever. He said he just wants to be done with the Military and move on with his life. I'll accept him for whoever he is and he said he doesn't like talking about his past cause when he told other girls about his past, that they all ran away. Maybe his past is bad. And some of the things he has said has thrown me off.

I've also looked at 3 of the Fbs he said he has. He has no military references (including pics) on ANY of them. Unless the pics are set to private.. the pics I saw on there aren't. And I've sent him friend requests on two of them and I told him and he hasn't added me back (no big deal).
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Based on what you wrote here and my 27+ years of military experience my first thought is that something is rotten in Denmark. Sounds like a typical bullshitter. I could be wrong and I can't point my finger to any particular thing but taken as a whole I will throw the BS flag.

you are right without a doubt how long before he asks for money