100% Real Beef???

There is no way their burgers are made with real beef. At the restaurant I work at our burgers are ten times better and it actually tastes like beef. This stuff is crap! I end up going there kind of often regardless cuz where i live there isn't many options of where to eat and thats the cheapest and fastest one. My town needs a jack-in-the-crack!!
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They use GMO. And yes the burger patties are NOT beef. The chicken patties are pieces that were glued together with meat glue. Buy one and take a look at the many "seams" across the fillet. The fish is made from what might as well be a nasty carp. Its nasty. many tests have been done with this food for decades. It's pure poison. So ask yourself. Why do people continue to flock to the drive thru? Because of the addictive chemicals they put on the food. Even though you know its flavorless. Your brain is tricked into believing you love it. So you go back for more. I am telling you the fact. The chemical they use could be put on a turd and you would go back for more if you ate it. Its an all out corporate conspiracy.

Its not real! my girlfriends brother is a manager at one. He says that the company the "beef" is bought from is called 100% real beef not the beef itself, Sneaky.

Four years later, and now with college experience, yes I can say there is proof besides taste and word of mouth. It is made with soy and beef particles that can come from forty different cows in one patty. Check the McDonald's website (for general information) as well as databa<x>ses written and published by scientists in trusted journals. I wrote a research paper over processed foods and attended a seminar over these facts as well.

Lol hate thouse things and I am 14 KAT

my brother worked there. have lots of friends working there seeing that its a small town around here. so you wanna know the truth, NO I DO NOT HAVE YOUR NURTION FACTS RIGHT HERE but i guess you've never eaten a real texan burger in your life to taste the difference.

Just wondering where you come out with the fact that the burgers are not made with 100% beef. Do you have any facts or just bashing an american company that employess americans and buy american products and keeps the american economy running.

idk but i think their chicken at least tastes more real than the beef. my preferred thing to eat there is the chicken club sandwich. i wont eat their fries, i swear those are not potato.

Can anyone tell me what the Chicken Mcnuggets are made out of????? spongy little morsels of MISTERY MEAT...I'm scared.

*gags* i want mexican food

That sounds sad, there should be more competition to mcdonal's, anyone can make better food than that crap. I wouldn't be surprised if their beefs contain sawdust or bone meal or something.