Root of All Evil

It goes beyond McDonalds.
I despise fast food in general, McDonalds is just the prime example for fast food.
It is so disgusting...I do not even want to think about it...


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6 Responses Nov 18, 2007

Supersize me is an amazing film, still didn't put me off eating McDonald's though. In fact, I'm really craving one now.

SO the more we talk about McDonald's, the more we energize thinking about and talking about McDonald's!<br />
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Guess you saw Morgan Spurlock's film, "Supersize me" ?

I think that most of McDonalds food is technically not food anymore.

MCDonalds. To be honest the paper they wrap their food in taste better then their product. McDonalds is the reason our kids are fat.

I agree with your opinion because fast food IS unhealthy but I still think that Taco John's is absolutely delicious.

nicely put.<br />
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