I Hated My Step-father

I have had 5 step-fathers,and never realy known my real dad. It's kinda funny I ask my hold family and they said nothing. I come from a large family from Ca. to Ny. So I have been on my own. I have 2 brothes they also have  a differnt dad. The last dad was the worst, he never came to my events,why because I a fimiant and boys should be strong and not cry. So when he acted up with my mom,or me. I would fight to protect my mom. I was 7 when I mate him,and buy 18yrs. I moved up to guns for protection. Well I did not kill anyone Thank God!   My mom went to be with Lord in 90's. So I was left with him an alot of pain and unanswer ?. I had to get save and forgive him and love for all the wrong he did and I did. I am free now of the deep pain. The greatist gift is love and recieve peace. My dad has pass and he gave his heart to Lord before he die. weather you love God or not forgive others and move on. IT WILL SET YOU FREE TO LOVE OTHERS, THAT'S THE POWER YOU WILL HAVE. IF NOT THEY KEEP IT AND DIE.

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1 Response Mar 10, 2010

Ive had three step fathers and they were all abusive psychos. im sorry for anyone who lives through that.