How Can I Feel Attractive!

I am only going to be 20, and my son (also my first and only) completely ruined my body. I am of a fairly petite stature, 5"1 120 and during my pregnancy I got up to 180. I have very wide, deep, long stretch marks that cover my belly from the top on my pubic bone to right about my belly button. After giving birth (a VERY difficult one) I dropped the weight dramatically and am left with a bit of saggy skin and deep dark stretch marks.

I cannot feel sexy with these:( what can I do? Anything helps.
Presleyanne Presleyanne
22-25, F
1 Response Jan 22, 2013

So you blame your son for how your body looks? Your baby boy is a blessing and you wanna sit and cry because you cant wear a bikini anymore? Get some stretch mark cream and love your little boy