Stretch Mark Blues

About 6 months ago, I decided to start eating healthy and working out. I succeeded in getting into shape, lost about 20 pounds. Unfortunetly, I lost it too fast. Im am now riddled with stretch marks. I have them all over my upper arms, front/back of my shoulders, hips, butt and my thighs. When I take a shower in the morning I can't even look at myself in the mirror until I have my clothes on or else I get depressed. I worry that no girl will ever want to be with me and I will be along for ever.

Constable101 Constable101
22-25, M
3 Responses Jan 30, 2010

some girls dont care if a guy has stretch marks because they most likely have stretch marks as well, dont worry about not finding a girl because of that. I personally don't mind a guy with stretch marks, I find them cute actually. lol :)

ayy, honestly never be depressed and show confidence of who you are and start improving on being a better person . Just because you have stretch marks doesnt mean you cant shine as a person . And honestly if anyone sees them what are they really going to say? "ew" ? naww homiee I got them all up on my back like I was in a crazy fight wit a tiger. I got a girl just by being real with her about them and not making them a big deal BECAUSE HONESTLY THEY ARENT ! BE A MAN ABOUT IT AND START TURNING YOUR LIFE AROUND, Just because one girl doesnt approve which usually she wont, you cant let her realize your affected by it and she'll love you for that trust me. and if she doesnt, you'll find another girll trust mee dude, dont let stretch marks feel like your holding the whole world on your shoulders cuz I know it does. BE YOURSELF !

dude ive been riddled with them since i was a kid. shoulders, back, bicept, stomach, all that stuff. dont feel alone , your not the only one.