For **** Sake! ....

I am a woman with a disability who has been digitally raped and beaten at 9, lost a child at 20, worked in the non-intercourse BDSM industry and phone sex from 25-31 and was in a one-sided affair (he was cheating on his partner but told me they had split) at age 30. I am currently 32 in 2010.

Who the hell is anyone to tell me that God and society has punished me for my immorality?

As of 2008, I am involuntarily celibate and UNASHAMED of my past. I continue to seek sexual adventure with caring individuals who I sense will remain friends with me later. Sadly, as of yet, they all live in other countries.

My life, my genitalia, my desires.
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You are not being punished for your past. You are one of the enlightened ones that sees life as an experience, not a drudgery to maintain decorum within for the sake of the status quo. I like how you said what you said as well. I agree, as no one that claims to know god more than you really does. That's simply not how that whole religion thing works. I think that's more like one of those cults where some idiot with an acoustic guitar forces all the followers to listen to his horrid singing and half-baked lyrics over a static ridden pa system.

I not only agree with what you say, I love the way you say it.

I have been holding that in for a while, but I just couldn't any more. I sensed there was a need for this group.<br />
Thanks, bassy! x

No one has the right to speak for God or anyone else.<br />
<br />
Well said TRW