I see a lot of prejudice, even here on EP. If you're over a certain age, gay, differently ethnic, or a religious nut, some people just don't want to know you.

In fairness, I'm probably prejudiced myself, but I hope only on a subconscious level. I don't think prejudice will go away unless we all work hard to eliminate it.

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great post dude<br />
honest and straight out ....<br />
i reckon if you ignore the negative comments (to difficult to do at times, i know) <br />
but only acknowledge the positives, choose to love not hate and fuel your energies into whats good and wonderful ...we can make it better <br />
each one of us can make a difference, small but very significant for a global consciousness of peace, hope and love (which your post declared) instead of war, hate and despair<br />
<br />
these prejudice trolls here at EP should just be ignored...just delete them...dont even respond to their crap...they feed off upsetting people and believing themselves to be superior to all<br />

Prolific? I don't know, just trying to "pull my weight" on EP :)

Prejudice is ignorance. I grew up with very liberal parents who taught me to be color blind among other things. Additionally, I grew up in SF which is such a cultural melting pot. I never could understand how my grandfather could be such a bigot and raise such liberal lovely children (probably my grandmother's influence). Anyway, I have hope that we will come together as humans - all of us - one of these days. Probably a very unrealistic expectation, but still, one can hope. Thanks for the topic LD. You are quite prolific lately with all these new experiences. I love it. Thank you.

You are absolutely right and I think we should feel able to challenge those attitudes and behaviours