She Screamed At My Grandson

My grandbaby called me to ask about coming over for the weekend and we were working out the details of his and his sister staying for spring break instead and not even two minutes into the conversation his beeyoch of a mother is screaming at him to get off the phone.  They have a cell phone and I understand trying to save minutes when you don't have money but this dope head hefer would talk for MINUTES with her friends and she wouldn't care about how much time she'd used.  She has let other people use her phone and she hasn't said a word to them.  She is being ridiculous.  I believe that she has a great deal of animosity for the oldest boy and she shows it.  I talked to my granddaughter for about 12 minutes a couple of days ago and her mother didn't say one word but HE gets on the phone and she's screaming at him within a couple of minutes of his talking to me.  She has always treated him differently than she does the other two.  He is 14 now and he does not want to live with her.  Neither does my grand daughter.  Things are not good in that house and my daughter gets high EVERY SINGLE DAY ALL DAY and walks around glassy eyed and mentally stunted.  She has been in rehab twice and once she's signed off she right back to the drugs.  It's NO LIFE for those kids!!!  The house is filthy and I saw cat feces and urine on the floor when I stopped by there to see the kids a few days ago. The condition of her house is like the ones you'd see on TV when the kids are removed from filthy homes over run by roaches.  It's just nasty.  I plan on keeping my grandson all of springbreak if possible.  His mother is mean to him but she is also EXTREMELY jealous of the fact that he would rather live with me than with her.  It's been a sore point with her for years.  She's tried to buy him and it hasn't worked.  She's lied to discredit me and said hurtful things to him about me but he's held true to his granma cause I am good to all of them even his mother and she can't stand him not turning on me.  He's tried to run away and come to me time and time again.  I have discouraged him from doing that in the past because I think it's wrong.  She was a habitual runaway when he was between 12 and 17 and I started to not care about it.  I didn't want him to get hurt and nowadays he'd get picked up disappear just like that.  He is fourteen and I feel if he wants to live with his granma then he should be able to.  She could give me guardianship of him but of course she won't.  She doesn't want him but doesn't want me to take care of him because she knows I'd do a much, MUCH better job of it.  He is failing school and I can't influence him to do better if he's living with her.  I have been talking to him about enlisting in the Army to have a solid foundation for success and he wants to do it.  He can get in delayed entry at 16 and that will give him hope that he will be away from his situation soon.  She didn't graduate and didn't get her GED until she was 29 and then that was because she had to in order to get state benefits.  She wouldn't listen to me when she was 13 and I stopped corporal punishment and she ruined her life to the extent that she has no job, no money, no education, no good living conditions, and doesn't know who her children's fathers are, and she's an addict of drugs and alcohol.  HER LIFE is her children's lives and they suffer their mother.  I want what is best for them.  Hell, I'll settle for what's GOOD for them and she just is NOT it.  I think I will ask my grandson if he'd like for me to talk to his mother about his living with me permanent or at least through all of summer break.  I can probably get him to do his school work and homework if I can emphasize that he can't enlist without graduating from high school and that his life would reflect his mothers and his Uncles.  I'll help him as much as I can.  In two years he will be eligible and I know that the military is what he needs.

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Mar 21, 2009