Bush Should Never Have Been Made President

when I saw that he was running the nightmares began. I told my friends then, long before he stole the election that should he gain the whitehouse we would go to war with Iran. They laughed, then. but they are not laughing now are they?

I don't understand how our media allowed this man to pull the nonesense he did while sitting on the sidelines, knowing what was going on, and not opening their mouths or setting pen to paper and questioning this mans actions, his motives, his strategies. they sat as silent as the monkey statues...you know the ones...see no evil...hear no evil...speak no evil. they saw, heard, and commented on nothing this man did. I still don't understand why when he was marching us to war with the wrong people and blustering his way through to meet his own agenda. People still laugh sometimes and accuse me of being a conspiracy theorist. Well say what you want but I know the difference between Iran and Afghanistan. I know the difference between Sadam Hussien and Osama bin Ladin. I know a line of b.s. when I hear it and believe me I have heard plenty of it coming out of this mans mouth.

Now, now that it is too late the media and our congress are beginning to ask the questions they should have asked before the first soldior left our shores. Now they want to ask why? Now they comment on this mans lack of strategy concerning getting our of Iran. Now they want to demand that our boys and girls come home, now that we have lost so many and so many others have come home physically and mentally decimated.

and the worst part? Our people elected this man to a second term!!! They actually went to the polls and re-elected this man!! How blind is the American public? How uninformed? How naively trusting? I would normally say they got what they deserved, however, it is our young, the naive youth full of idealism and believing the b.s. being spoon fed to them who are paying the price with the bodies, with the minds, with their well being, and with their lives. My heart breaks for them. They swallowed the propoganda and are paying for it. It doesn't matter how long Bush remains in office now until his term is over...the damage is done, the consequences will last for years to come,and perhaps will never be resolved since we are at war with people who hold grudges for centuries and are willing to die to avenge something that happened three thousand years ago, they are not a forgiving people. We will be paying for Bushes war for a very long time. His arrogance has cost us dearly. He has cost us allies around the globe, made us all look like fools. God help us.

sorry is this is too long but you really hit my buttons with this question.

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Because I don't like Bush I am not an American? Are you kidding me? If you loved him you will really love the new guy!

What if you don't have the money or the wherewithall to leave the area and are waiting for help that never comes?

Willow, I have to ask, are You even an American??

Katrina Victims?? Umm who stays put when there is a Catagory five Hurricane approaching and the city that you live in is below sea level?It's not like the Hurricane just snuck up on them like a Tornado does. And since when is the President of the United states responsible for people who take little to no Personal responsibility themselves?? People didn't have bottled water, diapers medicine? And that's the Governments Fault?? I live on the East Coast and when we are just getting a little snow storm here, I make sure to have all of the provisions that my Family needs, I certainly don't wait for someone else to provide it for me. If they are victims, it's because they chose to be. It's called common sense to pack up and leave town, Yeah, their called Evacuation Routes. And if you chose to stay,be prepared for the consequences, Don't blame the President, just the person that looks back at you in the Mirror.

you think bush was bad lord help us if barak hussien obama wins

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Idunnonuthin: I am at a loss to understand what it is you think this man has done that convinces you he is doing a good job at running this country. I can't think of anything that might even remotely quality. Not in the foreign or domestic arenas. He has been of no help to the Katrina victims, he has lied to the American people time and again about too many things to inventory here, he has alienated us from long standing allies and acted the buffoon on the national, and international stage. From my lowly vantage point...being a democrat as you so astutely pointed out...the only boon this president has afforded anyone has been to the stand up comedians. he has given them a wealth of material that must have exceeded their wildest dreams.<br />
I do feel compelled to assure you that my grave misgivings concerning this man and his competency to run this county have nothing to do with the fact that is a republican but are based on the mans own words, deeds, and actions. I am proud to tell you I am a bipartisan critic. I will grant you that in many ways this is a wonderful country; and it will be much better once this man is out of the white house, along with his cronies, and relegated to the pages of history. And what a history lesson that will be for future leaders. It will be found under the heading of what not to do if elected president. Patriotism is a wonderful thing, but you do not have to don the blinders and dutifully swallow the b.s. being spoon fed to you to love your country and be patriotic. Just thought you needed to know that.

I agree 100%, Bush is an idiot.<br />
The man can't do anything right and it makes me sick just thinking about it.<br />
<br />
Oh and idunnonothin you should really pay more attention to whats going on. If you can't see that our president is a failure, there's something wrong, but don't worry 30% of Americans are as clueless as you.

Im disgusted when I here people bashing the leaders of our country. with all that is going on in the world it seems to me like we Americans have it pretty good. however Democrats like you seem to have nothing better to do than look for what is wrong with America and ANYTHING that Bush says. there are not very many people capable of running a country and Bush has DEFINATELY proved himself worthy. quit nitpicking and live. enjoy your life and your suroundings and they will enjoy you.