THANK You!!!

JESUS!  I have been wondering if anyone else has noticed this travesty.  I often use youtube to listen to music, but not anymore!  It all started when I got an email saying they were removing the audio from a video I made.  I was like, damn that doesn't happen to anyone else!  Well when I got back on youtube I realized that most of the videos I like are audio-less.  IT SUCKS!  I mean, last night I was trying to show my fiance a redneck wedding video that usually has that typical banjo music in the background, I didn't even think anyone had rights to that, but sure enough the music was cancelled.  WTF?!?  URGGHH I am so frustrated, I do believe these musical artists are rich enough and won't hurt any if their song is used in a youtube video.

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I so agree with you.

Yes they really disgust me. Nobody needs a basketball court in their home. It was funny last summer P.Diddy was on camera complaining that gas prices were so high that he was having to fly commercial!

One time my dad told me a story about a famous athlete who got mad because they decided to start paying him 7 million a year, instead of whatever else he was getting, and he said, "I've got kids to feed!"<br />
<br />
LOL! What did he have a million kids?!?