Desperate! I Have To Go Right Now!

Ok so, i just drank 3 bottles of water about an hour ago, i'm sooooooooo desperate. I'm crossing my legs and grabbing with one hand, taking breaks every couple seconds to grab with both hands. I feel like i'm gonna burst! I'm doing pelvis thrusts! AHhhhh i have to go, gotta grab with both hands... i'll kep you updated!!!!!!!!!!
lahlah466 lahlah466
3 Responses Jul 31, 2010

brilliant updates, thanks. Glad you seemed to enjoy your bursting bladder.<br />
<br />
Good to meet you.

OH MY GOD! I just felt a squirt! I'm taking breaks every couple seconds to hold with both hands! I'm skipping around my room too and doing pelvis thrusts and other things to try and make it difficult to hold! Oh my god! I just felt a great wonderful burst of warm, liquid comming from my vagina. oh my god it feels sooo good! it's running down my legs. Ahhhhhhh i feel so releaved. I'm gonna post another story now, and a picture of my wet pants(:

OK, i'm laying my laptop on my bladder now with TONS of weight on it and pushing out every couple seconds! AHHH i'm desperateee to go i have to go nowww! I think i'm gonna bursttttt!