I truly think that destiny exists. Some people that I know don't even believe it, but I do. I think that every person is meant to do or be who they are. For example, if you met someone nice, then it's destiny. Everything you see is made out of the prespective of destiny. It's just who we are. God made all of us different, with different destiny's, lifes, faces, and fate, and that's what makes us unique. I know that the thought of destiny might be complicated and confusing, but as you move on in life, you'll get its idea. I mean, god wrote that script for all of us, if you liked it or not. He made some people poor, some rich, some healthy, and some unhealthy, that is also part of destiny. It's not created to heal us or anything, but it's created to show us who we are, and what direction were suppose to follow.
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1 Response Mar 29, 2007

you are totilly right, and I beleve that too.,<br />
Its hard at first, but they,The gods, give us knolege and gifts and they know that we can live with them and we have the potencial to do whats right...<br />
Love and light,.. Phoenix xx