Born For What?????

I've destroyed my life and made life hard for my wife and kids. I about a month or two I'll be dead. I was born in poverty, went to prison and once I got out I did well but messed that up. I am now unemployed and facing time in prison again. I won't go back I'd rather kill myself. My family will be sad but in time things will get better. I can't pay my bills and house going into foreclourser. I am so broken it is unbelievable. I did this to myself and there is none to blame.
Dkinloch Dkinloch
1 Response May 6, 2012

Theres always a way to redeem yourself, even through prison. You feel you let your family down, but mostly yourself. I think this will fall on deaf ears (or eyes) because you seem too far gone but you can come out of this, mentally. Some people do a lot of rehabing in prison, gives them the to find strength from within. It sounds cheesy but it happens. Your wife will have to sort the money issues out.. you should go to prison quietly and focus on sorting yourself out. Its goina be seriously hard but you still have plenty of years ahead of you.