Whats the Point?

Why would anyone allow drama to be a part of their life?

We all have our crisis that need dealing with throughout a lifetime, but why is it that some people thrive on the negative energy of created drama?

My wife is an example. She always expects the worst from people, and the worst from any given situation. She makes drama out of the most incosequential rubbish. Why? There is no merit to what she does. Its just exhausting.

I think she inherited this trait from her mother who can turn a simple task such as cooking a meal into a series of mini-drama`s which escalate throughout the day/evening.

I`ve given up on trying to get her into a more positive frame of mind. My being happy and optimistic is another source of drama for her. She hates how I set myself up for dissapointment, or that I always take the light-hearted approach.

Well I can honestly say, that for the most part, I am a much happier individual than my wife will ever be. I just hope our son inherits my happy gene. I couldn`t bare sharing a house with 2 drama queens.

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1 Response Apr 14, 2009

Man you are living a mild version of my life. I totally understand what you are saying. My missus is exactly the same. No actually she is probably worse. She will stir some manageable situation up into a toxic head wrecking mess always managing to put her self in the center as the martyred victim to suck up as much energy out of the ensuing shot storm as she can. She will even use her concern of others to do this and create stupid worry storms. Where you are supposed to have more concern (i.e. supply more enery to) the one doing the worrying that to the person in imagined jeopardy. In addition to being a drama queen she is a control freak; controlling my time and what I do and where I go. It a real pain in the ***, if I were not so god dammed complacent and adverse to conflict there is no way we could be together.