Moral Subjects

Why would anyone harm an animal? It is a predatory universe, yes.... there is a food chain, yes.... although i am a vegan, not because I don't understand the food chain, but because I understand that I can live without killing (not to mention the fact that the current food industry is unnecessarily brutal and cruel). There is no reason to harm animals cruelly - none at all, you are a coward if you do, exercising power that is yours by chance or merely by the fact that you have an augmentation that someone else built for you, like a gun or a knife or the like (it's one thing if you must have non-human animal flesh to survive... but really how many people out there *need* meat? I mean REALLY... beyond their weak want?). Stupid pink monkeys, when will you learn that you mean nothing? You take and take and take from other life because you think you are so god damned important and all you do is show how meaningless you are. Screams in the night.... nothing more. Leave those that cannot defend themselves alone! Anyone can kill or hurt, only the strong, the TRULY strong can give or preserve life.... The meek shall inherit the earth... and when they do, those birds of the air, beasts of the land, and fish of the sea: I hope I am alive and left with enough strength so I can laugh at human inadequacy!
F*** you.
menschfeind menschfeind
Jul 13, 2010