These Strange Sex Buffalo Screaming Complainers...i Hate Them. I Really Do.

That's the best way I can sum it up.  They moved in a year ago and sadly, it looks like they're staying.   For the longest time I thought a couple with kids, or someone who ran a babysitting service out of their studio apartment moved in upstairs.  Screaming five year olds tearing around & running up and down the stairs (you'd have to hear it to believe it. ) it sounds like wild buffalo are chasing gleefully screaming children up there day in and day out. 

This goes on from eight a.m. until now - eleven p.m., and beyond.  I tried to ignore it and/or stay away from home as long as I could during the day, because hey, they're little kids.  They can't help themselves, right?

If Zeus had a bowling alley and decided to have a kegger with all his mighty god pals with their one hundred ton gold sandals, he would be outshined by these thundering banshees.

One day, to my surprise, I found out that it's just a meek looking, younger couple.  He's Indian and she's Chinese.  They're ADULTS!  The woman is the screaming one, the man is the stomping one.  My dear, elderly neighbor downstairs (who is hard of hearing by the way) actually asked me if the upstairs neighbor was a eunuch. 

Can't blame her for asking.  I have actually heard them from the end of the alley off a very busy street on several occasions...they are that loud.  If it were music, that'd be cool, if they left us alone that'd be extra cool...but it's her constantly whining and screaming in this freaky seven year old child's voice and throwing things and him stomping. 

They scream, yell, cry, thunder around, throw and break things, play Dance Dance Revolution, have sexy times really loudly (which is just funny) they shattered a window one day, basically never let up on their barrage...and one night, ONE NIGHT we had two people over on a Saturday and at ten p.m. these fools come knocking on my door to tell me to keep it down and that they didn't appreciate the smell of smoke coming from the apartment.

I had it out with them on my doorstep and told them how obnoxious they were and then in a random fit of niceness told them maybe we had gotten off on the wrong foot and it'd be good to have a few beers together, air our grievances and work on a solution.  The guy seemed up for it.  His lady friend hung back on the stairs hissing orders at him.

I have complained to the property management just once and that was a long time ago, but I haven't complained since.  I don't want to evict anybody, but I'm getting to the point where I'm wishing violent death upon them.  So maybe eviction would be the kinder, gentler way to get them as far away from here as possible.

I haven't had people over since.  I just go out when I want to party.  I'm making concesions, yet the neighbors  carry on like always and are screaming and  having a WWF wresting match above my head,  it prompted me to type "I hate my neighbors" into the search bar and here we are.  I'm sorry!  Just needed to vent. 
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Here's how to get rid of them: flirt with they guy, really obnoxiously.<br />
She's too insecure to deal with it, and will want to move elsewhere.

I have also experienced the neighbours from hell, so I totally empathise with you!!! You seem to have far more patience than I did though ...