Especially the Moving Sidewalks.

When I had to travel with persons I would get annoyed if they didn't walk on escalators with me but I would get royally p*ssed if they stood still on the moving sidewalk versions.  OMG, it is flat and if you walk at a regular pace you will certainly get across the airport quickly. Come on!!!! Walk... Run... or get the heck out of my way.

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Glad you enjoyed.

Fungirl - your comment got me laughing - I needed that!<br />
Thanks, Mox

Exactly. I laugh at people when they are lunging

I love the moving sidewalks at the airport, and I walk on them also. Stay to the right please, if you are standing still. You are right though, at the end I always feel like I'm going to get projected onto the carpet! :)

Omg was that you behind me . That why the ex keep pulling me to the right side . Here I thought she was just being a control freak . That yellow line , Isn't that to define how much space you were allowed .

I LOVE the view...from the Top.

Oh my! You will drive me crazy.

I like standing still, and riding them consecutively....

LOL funny. I like those walk ways until the end and I bolt forward fast.

That is one of my pet peeves. Thanks Hobo. I like the new avatar.

Couldn't agree more!