I Now Know (for Sure?)

I took the Cogiati Test, now I am not one to believe that tests can layout what a person is all about completely. But this one helped me get a better veiw of myself, a veiw that I was sure of,  this just confirmed it. So where does this lead me? not in a different direction for I will continue the way I was going. I am basically at peace with myself, even if others do not accept it, I do. Personal Liberation? Will I scream it out? Really its no big deal, not to me nor should it be to anyone else. So this will be it, no loud proclamations or anything. A Parade? Everyone loves a parade--O.K. maybe some love a parade. Thing is, I just want to connect with others-- here and in the real world as well. If you read my postings you know me then, agree or disagree, but one thing is certain, I will not force how I am down the proverbial throat. Ask me and I will answer but I will not convince either way, just going to tell you how it is with me. We learn from each other,  how much you or I choose to accept others teachings, it is up to us. I don't care if your, Black ,White, Male, Female, Straight, Gay, Transgendered, or any other label that defines you, they are just labels, you are a person and as person you offer much, I want to know of you. 
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2 Responses Jul 15, 2010

I fall right square in the Androgyne area, but this something I had come to a conclusion long before I took the test. Still a confirmation of sorts. What to do with it? Nothing really, I am who I am and test or not I will continue to do so. Time will change me in the future as it does with all people, I just kind of have clue on this roadmap of life the general direction I may be heading in. Thanks for your thoughts on this, it is good to know at least as I travel I can count on some folks for if not guidance at least some encouragement. Thanks Josie.

I always score near 500 on this teat and take it a couple times a year. Don't know that I actually like or believe in tests either, but it does reaffirm something within me.