Just Introducing Myself...

I consider myself pansexual and polyamorous, [the actual orientation,] if any label.  I'm openminded to the possibility of varying degrees between 'straight' and 'gay' but, truthfully, I think that you just love whomever you love, and are attracted to whomever you are attracted to.  That's ultimately all there is to it.  People can have complicated questions, but my view is anything but.  Obviously, if you're in this group you probably have 'unconventional/openminded' ways of viewing sexuality already, but I'm always enthusiastic about answering questions about this kinda stuff.

MeMena MeMena
22-25, F
2 Responses Mar 2, 2010

Thanks! I always love meeting people that are openminded in this way. I tried adding you but EP wouldn't let me?

It's great to find someone who feels the same as I do.<br />
Why are labels so important?<br />
Why can't I be with who I want to be with? <br />
Why can't I love whomever I want to love?<br />
Why should it matter to anyone else but me and my partner?<br />
Nobody should care and no one should be forced to follow a label.