Detour to Mill Street

As a kid my best friend & I would often take out his canoe & paddle about the Delaware River. On one of our excursions over to Pennsy we found an official police barricade amongst the driftwood on the beach with the words "Detour to Mill St." professionally painted on it.

So, for some reason we brought it back w/ us. Then, together w/ a third friend, we hit upon a stupendous idea! Our third friend's home was on a fairly busy street that went through the center of town. The house had a long, curved driveway into the back yard, with a loop coursing around a garden.  It also had only 1 entrance / exit. & two cement pillars on either side that clearly marked it as a driveway.

So, we quickly placed our official police barricade in the middle of the oncoming lane & just past the driveway entrance. Then we climbed up on to the roof of the large garage that was right next to the driveway loop; & waited.

Soon, the driveway was full of halted puzzeled motorists, honking their horns, leaning out of their cars yelling spectacular traffic related colorful curse words!

Next thing, our mutual friend's mom, who was transfixed at this amazing sight while doing the dishes & looking out the window above the sink; comes flying out of the back door in her apron!  Expecting this, we merely ducked down just so we could still safely watch the fun!

As you might imagine, eventually the motorists were able to drive out onto the street, each receiving an apology from our friend's mom as they drove past her Oh, the joy of it all! (I wonder what happened to our official police barricade, it just disappeared!)

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joe...thats one you hadn't told me ..... funny ! chas