My Crushes

The standout one for me was my Team Leader at work. I crushed on him like crazy! He was funny, cheeky, in his early forties but married. It very much distracted me from my work. Workplace crushes are the worst.

In general I develop crushes on friends of friends. And they are usually guys that aren't conventionally attractive. I have crushed on chubby guys with messed up hair, nerdy looking guys with way more brains than me and really posh snooty guys too.

I'll flirt with them a little but my friends are usually disgusted and advise me not to go there. I lost a really sweet guy that I had a little crush on who eventually sent me flowers and asked me out,  but as he was nerdy looking and part of a church group some of my friends didn't like him and I wasn't strong enough to disagree. oh well such is life ...

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3 Responses Jul 4, 2009

Your friends arent the ones who tell you who you should go out with!! You are your own person and you could've a good chance with sumone! Also BTW I had that happen i had a crush on my Team manager..Ah he was sooo cute... We ended up having a party and well...he was drunk so i took advantage :)

I know i've missed out some great guys but I don't think there's any jealousy from friends. Some are in proper relationships. Maybe they just think I could get someone better in the looks department. I would hate for guy to date me and have his friends be embarassed about me and make him feel awkward about it.<br />
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I'd definately agree that personality counts. Maybe I just need to get a backbone and stand up for myself!

Who are your friends, to tell you, who you should go out with? What is attractive to one, is not going to be attractive to everyone. Only you can decide what is right for you.<br />
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You have probably missed out on some really great guys.<br />
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If there is truly something wrong with any of them, then a good friend is obligated to warn you off but then, that makes me wonder why the guys are good enough to be called "friends".<br />
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I wonder perhaps, if there is some jealousy involved here. Maybe, your girlfriends would rather prevent you from dating any of these nice guys for their own personal reasons?