Because Like Its Big Range Groups Repel

Skills article: because there is no other way and high h. damage reduction, also did not block, so need to try not to let the enemy touch, touch the painful, especially the A3 so one tuo one tuo general coming tide of strange, to touch I can, but please line up a a to please, thank you to, so I prefer to use the crack boxing, because like its big range groups repel, and improve the attack rate of runes, can make more than 80% of the melee strange also don't touch I'll hang up, and many times his fists in good, strange really too much can hold the enemy back to back up a little after, and his fists in the third strike out just after can continue to hold the enemy back. And then the truth from collocation, plus armor rune my armor will close to 7000, pass the exam!

If your armor is very high, can choose other rune, but it is absolutely necessary to avoid high! The brisk wind evil spirit and back to the gas in order to increase the rune is more than DPS and back to gas. And the choice is immortal spirit because he's a really yuan fine skill, can T can DPS can his resurrection, can also be used for the hustle. Although he is only 50% chance raised, but in actual combat feel to 80%, with him, you can reduce a lot of damage, he is often a person carries a two elite strange, I and two other DaYouJi. And SaoTangTui also is god ability, this ability can guarantee the crack in boxing back neutral time the enemy melee damage will all of them before Saul to screen the other one horn, and slow them down (rune effect).

And in the elite in the war, SaoTangTui can effectively kicked up close to the enemy, is usually put a elite force into a corner and other elite close to sweep the when flew, until after killing a repetitive lu died the other. Of course, for those who set the heavy monster is can't kick fly far, can only slightly kicked up a few yards as interrupt them attack and casting, this monster belong to a few. And one thousand meet the rare and originally can't use any struck to fly their monster skills of elite mode, if can't dozen decisive pull to the side suicide after his resurrection run path easy path. Below is the I used to build, of course, for different BOSS will make appropriate adjustments. Some of the future.
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Jan 22, 2013