Can Again By Driving Smoke To The Situation

Wings can hang 5 seconds means that have a high enough of the upper limit value of the discipline, or wear old na set of green wings ZhaZha protection, still can again by driving smoke to the situation of the chaos through difficulties, and not to consider motor type range. And blizzard is be poised to promote arrow tower, all because of the 10 commandments a can't follow the towers of consumption are not Farm can tolerate.

It is worth looking forward to spoil war. But look at the followers and witch doctor baby's the virtue, also held out much hope. A beaten flee ignominiously of hunting magic people, pets carry is transient lie, follow run is not. What is the difference between that and now? Even as now, now somehow not die, also need not keep recruit new. If it is land clearing of words, I will try to protect the arrow tower consolidate step by step.

Compared with the blizzard melee pair, a nearly was chopped off about 1000 armor value; One is from 150% down to 125% all resistance, weaken the numerical are less than 20%. They actually don't need to have to rely on the ring necklace to ascend that point all resistance, as long as appropriate to improve all armor armor and all resistance, honest to the square of the push or parkour can develop new difficulty.
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Jan 24, 2013