Double Minigame Rewards for Members

Every Saturday plus Sunday surrounded December namely a Winter Weekend for members thats five weekends,every with their own themed bonus!

This weekend, the theme namely double minigame rewards! Jump into several of your favourite minigames and D&Ds whenever this Saturday plus Sunday,plus what you win want be doubled buy runescape gold !

Heres a collapse of what's up for grabs among every game:

Castle Wars: double tickets
Soul Wars: double ardor points
Pest Control: double commendations
Big Chinchompa: double ability points
Evil Tree: double item rewards
Shooting Star: twice item rewards
Fishing Trawler: double fish caught rs gold.

This weekend of minigame frenzy runs from Saturday 8th December 00:00 GMT until Sunday 9th December 23:59 GMT. Dont forget namely each Winter Weekend hosts a current bonus afterward week therell be double Dungeoneering XP!

If youre after more festive fun anybody who's a member during December ambition obtain the awesome Festive Aura, which imparts a +50% XP shove for 30 minutes a day To arrest your aura and take part in Winter Weekends,click here and transform a membership today runescape gold.

The RuneScape Team

innicc innicc
18-21, M
Dec 16, 2012