Diaper Change At Six Flaggs

If you have ever gone to an amusement park as someone who wears diapers, you will learn that they are not equipped for a private change. I am into this park for 3 hours. I am soaked like never before. I head to the restroom with a backpack. I am in the handicapped stall. I am just taking my diaper off when a little boy comes to open the stall. He looks through the huge space provide for everyone to see.

He then tells his dad, "there's a man in there changing his diaper" dad says to the little boy, "see even big boys wear diapers". What a relief. Dad takes his son over to another stall and helps him change his diaper. I am working on getting my new one on.

I head out of the stall with the diaper in my hand rolled up nicely, like a do. Walk over to the garbage and through it in. As I walk out the man says to me, "Thanks, I have been trying to get my son to change all day". I walk out and shared it with my wife.

Later that day, after riding the water rides, I was all soaked, we were over on the other end of the park, found another restroom to change again before leaving, as I walked out a teen age boy say's to me, how long have you been in diapers, I answer, all of my life. He said, cool, and walked on. I did hear someone in the stall 2 down, I am sure he heard me changing. It's not like diapers are quite.

When I got home, I sent Six Flaggs a email and asked them to consider to lower the doors and put them closer so people like me have more privacy. They responded, thanked me and said they would consider it.

It's important to note that having this type of disability can be embarrassing to most, even at 51, I still get embarrassed.
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How many of you can relate to non private restrooms.