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My Wet Bed Diaper Humilation

been a bedwetter my whole life i was 13 went to aunt for a few weeks i pissed the bed the frist nite ther the next nite my aunt diapered me in front of my couison i love it being teased called bedpisser diaper boy i got a hard in my diapers
bedwettersteve bedwettersteve 46-50, M 3 Responses May 14, 2011

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I have memories that are very much the same and after so many kids and grand kids I have to say that I really tried to Not discuss these things in front of them but the truth is that parents talk about their kids... and Kids are Always Listening In!!! <br />
When I was a child... I looked at the world through a Childs eyes. I remember what and how I felt but as an Adult I know that children just don't have the knowledge or understanding that is needed to gain the skills and understanding needed to relate to the fact that they are still growing up. (whew) <br />
They are Becoming the person they will be, and all of the Childhood Traumas they think they are being subjected too are only the imaginings of an immature young person who will survive and get over it. But in order to get there they have to look back through the eyes of the adult that they have become and see that the trauma was just a normal trial of growing up.

It is extremely humiliating when this happens, especially to the older Bedwetter, but even though it is a hard (no pun intended) experience to go through at the time, it is what a Bedwetter deserves.

I never really minded the humiliation of being found out I was still a bedwetter. everyone knew anyway. Aunts and uncles seemed to delight in asking my mother is I was still bedwetting in front of me as if I wasn't there. I remember after a party at our house when I was about to go to bed and my mother and her friend talking saying I would no doubt soak my bed again because I'd been drinking and her friend saying well if that is his only problem why worry.