Public Diaper Humiliation - Pool, Massage, Salon

I did not believe in some of the public diaper humiliation stories until I met my boyfriend. He was very strict, controlling, and likes to take me out to "parade." No he did not force me to walk down the street in just diapers (like the picture below), but it came quite close. A pair of almost see-through sheer short shorts on a hot summer afternoon, over thick diapers locked on me. That pre-dinner walk in the park was quite humiliating, and the curious stare from people was intense.

Then, there was this time when he went on a business trip to England and decided to take me along. He kept me in snug and thick Bambinos and Dry 24/7 the whole time, under panties and tight low rise jeans to ensure there were plenty of opportunities for people to see the diaper lines and contour, as well as the elastic waist bands sticking out of my jeans. He locked me in diapers and would not change me, saying he was busy with his meeting. I eventually leaked and it was quite humiliating. Begging him, tucking him, in public, hoping he would take me back to the room and change me soon.

That evening he took me to a tricked-out salon, beautifully decorated and nice service. But he shocked me when he said it was not a facial he booked for me but a bikini wax session, in diapers (locked of course). He quite enjoyed my humiliation as well as the lady's amusement, who was curious as cat and asked many questions. He said my bladder was too small to stay dry for beyond 30 minutes so he had to put me in diapers, and I kept wanting to remove them so he locked them on.

Next came the couple's massage which was nice except for the diaper humiliation. Questions were asked about my nappies and my bf gladly told them how I must be locked in diapers at all times, to keep everything clean and dry.

The second day he took me to a public pool that had a strict diaper policy: children and adults who are not toilet trained must wear swim diapers and tight plastic pants. I did not expect them to include children of all age and even "adults." Usually that kind of sign only says babies must wear certain type of diapers and no diaper changes by the pool. This pool was different. So he put me in 2 layers of ultra visible white thick swim diapers. As if that's not enough, he inserted a thick air inflated "pad" (much like a floatation device but shaped like diaper) that would not absorb water or make the diaper sag. It will simply keep my behind "puffed" the whole time, in and out of water. Then came a pair of milky semi see-through thick plastic pants with a locking chain at the waist and locked in the small of my back.

When we got there, he asked, quite loudly, the girl receptionist about incontinent care. After much back and forth, my boyfriend took me to the manager's office to see if my swim diapers comply with their rule. The manager and his lady staff (about 30 I think) were amused and clearly wanted to follow along my bf to capitalize on my dilemma. My bf pulled my tight jeans down to expose my thickly diapered crotch and behind and the pink plastic pants (two elastic bands at waist for extra security). I was beat red. The manager stuck his finger in the waist band to see if it's tight enough, but he clearly enjoyed the moment. He turned me around too to check the back, and had me put one leg up on a chair so that he could inspect if the leg opening has a tight enough seal.

He said it was only the second time a "patient" (!?) had to be brought into his office for inspection of compliance. They took public hygiene and safety very seriously. After much "inspection" he was satisfied with the precaution my bf took and said we could go and enjoy the pool, sauna and steam room, and cautioned that the diapers have to be on at all times, no exception. My bf gladly complied. There was a family changing room, but it was a crowded day, so we had to stand in line with young kids waiting to be changed, and that happened a few times.

My bf then put me in an all-in-one back zipped water polo style swimsuit over the diapers, to make it virtually impossible to remove anything.

DIAPERED ******* -- my naughty boyfriend took pictures of me in his car

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hot story honey and i love your pictures got me all hot and wet down below if you know what i mean heh heh. i like to show off the tops of my diapers when iam out as well i love the looks people give me when they notice the diaper and plastic pants.

how do you show off the top of your diapers when out? and how about in public ladies rooms?

Wish it was me in that punishment did you mess at the pool and if so did you have to be reinspeted every time

No I did not mess > < Though I was changed, and after I was rediapered each time I was re-inspected, to make sure I was kept in diapers and following their rules

Great story and pics, only saw your profile tonight and cannot stop reading I love it thanks for sharing all with us XX

Wow, love the pictures and story. So jealous of your boyfriend!

Love the pics,and story. Not reslly into humiliation but great story

Love it! I totally would love that humiliation myself. Man I got to find a girl that will take me out and experience something similar to that.

I love your pics.....we could walk together in a park or go shopping in our diapers

Alice, that story was very hot.

I've never really been that much of a humiliation fan, but OMG this story might have changed my mind.

When you went to the salon for you bikini waxing, didn't you have to take off your diaper? Were you tucking at the time? What did the lady say about it? It must have been so humiliating and exhilarating.

No, diapers were locked on so they can't be taken off for waxing. I only had my thighs, tummy and other ares waxed, but not the diaper area. I have no hair down there any way. But yeah it was so humiliating. The lady kept touching my diapers and saying ooo so cute.

And tucked of course, all the time (not just at the salon). My diapered area is all smooth and flat, with a girly curve