Diaper Humiliation In Hotel

I stayed for 2 Nights in a Hotel in the swiss mountains and had my diapers and plastic pants in the room. The staff could see it all and they learned about me. I left a tipp in the room with a letter, saying that I must wear diapers all time and asked for excuse. Also I asked kindly if they would leave the rubber protecting sheet in the bed.
So when I came back in the evening, my plastic pants where nicely in order and the rubber sheet in the bed.
I washed my diapers by hand and let them dry outisde on the balcony.
That was my personal arranged humilation in diapers and plastic pants.
wetpantyboy wetpantyboy
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4 Responses May 17, 2012

We all have desires...

Cute - and brave

mmmmmmmmmmsound great wish i was there we could play mmmmmmmmm

Cool. I have never tried that, but I love to wear when I am staying at a hotel, and I am sure the maids have found my diapers drying in the closet.