Nappy At School

Throughout my teens I had to wear a nappy and rubber pants whenever we were away from home for any length of time, I would also have to wear them to bed. My mother would check that I was suitably secured in a nappy and rubber pants before we went out in case I had an accident. In those days there was only a cloth nappy and rubber snap- on, rather than plastic, pants. Although she did not intend to humilliate me, I would feel ashamed at having to wear them and no matter how hard I tried, there would always be the bulge of the nappy and creak of rubber pants, not to mention the rubber smell that would never be removed from the pants. Secured in a nappy and rubber pants, I would be taken on shopping trips or to visit varous relations. To avoid the obvious signs of my nappy, I would wear a long coat whenever I could, the best being a long plastic mac which was always fully buttoned up even if it was not raining. I got to enjoy wearing the mac but had an aversion to wearing a nappy. What teenage boy would want to wear a nappy? Things changed when I discovered that I could get a degree of pleasure from wearing a nappy, I could enjoy myself and no one would have any idea that I was rubbing myself against the nappy under my trousers. My older sisters would make fun of me because I had to wear a nappy, they told their friends who would laugh at me and make comments which would hurt.
Before going out, my sisters would often say, in a loud voice, "make sure you have your nappy on". They would do this in front of their friends because they knew it would humilliate me, they would then laugh when I cried. This must have been when I was about 10 years old. When I went to secondary school, my sisters played their most cruel trick of all. I was 11 and it was the same school as my sisters who were 14 and 15 at the time. One of them went to my teacher, pretending they had a message from my mother. They told the teacher that I wore a nappy and that my mum had asked if the teacher could make sure I was wearing the nappy. It was my first day at school , the teacher asked me if I was wearing a nappy, I felt so humilliated. Every day after that, the teacher woud ask me to make sure that I was wearing a nappy and make sure that I had a "spare" one in case I needed it. For years I felt humilliated because I had to wear a nappy
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Did you ever get back at your sisters ? Are you even in talking terms with such discusthing sisters ?

Yes, it is all ok now. When I was older I got to weat their clothes!

Yes, humiliation is cruel but I managed to survive it and ended up much stronger. Thanks for your comment.

Ouch! Humiliation can be a lot of fun, but not when it is administered to be simply cruel.