Me, Diapers And Humiliation.....

Being a bedwetter growing up, my Mom must have thought that I didn't have feelings because around my house there would be times where she would treat me as if I were stuck on being a 2 year old. I do admit to having to wear diapers even till now, but as a kid having your Mother tell you it's time to get your diapers on for bed no matter who happened to be over at our house created many embarrassing times for me. Growing up I would hate my Mother for always making me feel like a baby even though I knew it was the best thing for me and as long as I could keep it a secret from everyone I really didn't mind them that much.  

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I had a similar life growing up a bedwetter. I now wet 24/7 and am kept diapered by my Wife. As a child I was diapered and put in plastic pants in front of my little sister and her friends.

I know exactly how you felt. I wet the until I was 9 or 10 years old myself. My mother made me lay on my bed every night after dinner so she could put could put cloth diapers and rubber pants on me. They were really plastic pants but for some reason all the woman in my entire family called them rubber pants. It always made me feel like such a sissy laying on my back while she or my older sister powdered me and then pinned the bulky cloth diapers on me and then put my rubber pants on me over the diapers. If I whined or complained while I was being diapered, they just shoved a baby pacifier into my mouth and I had to suck on it until they said I could take it out.

I wet my bed and had the same things done to me

I agree i wure them sence i was a kid i dident say anything to my friendsor my mom and i still wear them

Where did you go bigdiaper?

That would be embarrassing for me, bigdiaper. I wouldn't say I'm scared of toilets, but I will avoid public toilets as much as I can. Thats why I wear Goodnites when I have to go into town.

Wow, to have my diary back, oh man would that be great, but not wanting my spouce to read it, I threw that part of my histroy, along with all my diapering things away when she came to live with me and later I had to do the same to her. Funny, I really miss my old diaper stuff. LOL : )

Your lucky Jobrowne, making clothes is hard, I've tried it and it's not easy. You have a nice Mother it sounds like, good for you!