Little Boy

Hello,for all practical purposes,i am a baby.i am useually awakened by a family memeber(my mom or sisters)and changed into afrsh diaper.then ,i can eat big boy food or baby food.the later is useually when i feel woosie.i have neurological disorders.that more less,make the dr.feel i need"adult supervision".at first when i was little, i hated it.but i gradually began to love it.i useually get to play in just my diaper for at least a hour.then i get put in some baby clothes.most have barney!then if my mom feels that i am up to it ,i go with her and run arrands.if not,i stay with my sister.she plays with me and lets me watch cartoons.i have a least 30 teddy bears.i play with all the time.and i have 7 pacifiers.that way thereis alaways one near.

mamaslittlebaby mamaslittlebaby
18-21, M
1 Response Mar 8, 2009

luky i wont to be diaperd :(<br />
and babyed a lil but not as much...<br />
i have no frend other that ppl i meat on here and WoW and that it <br />
i need a budy to do diapers with <br />
my parents wont let me hav diapers tho so i sneek em onec in awhill<br />
do u get to sllep ina crib too<br />
and how was school for you<br />
im always telling ppl in school how i like diapers and all they do is ask questins<br />
im not made fun of at all