Sissy And Me

     Sissy and me used to play "dr." in the walk in closet upstairs whenever we could. It was an exciting game that started when sissy who was a bedwetter still at 12 used to wake up in her soaked diapers and hang out in her room. I would come in and see her there, for some reason I always wanted to be in diapers too but I was 14. I waned to see what it would be like to wear (and wet) a diaper too. I loved the acrid sweet smell her soaked diaper gave off and it made me have a funny fuzzy feeling in my belly. Sissy was constantly putting her hand in her diaper and would get a faraway look on her face when she did that. I asked her if I could put my hand down her diaper too and she nodded yes. I slid my hand into the warm mass as the sweet vapors filled the air around us. I had had some wet dreams before but this made my boy penis stand right up. I breathlessly felt all around in her diaper and slipped my finger into her and she gasped as her body shuddered. Just then we heard footsteps in the hall outside the door and we dived into her closet and pulled the door shut just as our mom came in.
    Well after that close call my hands were shaking and my heart were pounding. "That was a close call" I said, and I wish I could describe the look on sissy's face, she was a changed person. She was so shocked and blissed out and I can't quite describe it Naughty! Yes... naughty, that was an aspect of her personality which had been rapidly evolving lately and this experience put her over the top!
    Later, I could not stop thinking about what had happened, I became obsessed with the thought of repeating this experience as soon as possible.
     I thought of a plan to get what I wanted but I was so nervious about trying it but I became obsessed about getting into diapers myself. I had decided to start wetting MY bed! It took me a couple of weeks to get up my nerve but one night I just let loose a flood of hot pee pee in my bed and it was amazing how it made me feel. A few minutes went by as the warmth cooled off and it became cool and the fears kicked in, what was going to happen to me when my parents found out.
    I told sissy about what I had done and she didn't believe me at first but she came into my room and checked my bed and she was shocked and delighted too. "you are going to get grounded for two weeks" she said with a delighted and naughty look on her face. I was scared and excited and I was a mess. It was a couple of days before mom found out when she changing my sheets. For the last couple of nights I didn't wet my bed again but I was fascinated with the big yellow stains and in the mornings I woke up with a big stiff penis as I smelled the telltale "bedwetter" odors and I would rub my stiffy on the spot till I had an explosion under my covers.
     Mom called me to come talk to her and by the tone of her voice she was upset with me. I just KNEW she was going to confront me with what I had done in my bed! She asked me what was going on with me and I hung my head and said "I donno". She asked me if something was wrong or was I upset? NO, I said. She said Dad was really mad and it better not happen again. OK? I said OK. But it was no more than a week until I had an uncontrollable urge to do it again... and I DID!
      Your father is really upset he said "one bedwetter is enough!" I hung my head but secretly I was happy. " "I have gotten some some diapers since you can't control yourself at night" "you will wear these until your little problem clears up." I was secretly in heaven and couldn't wait till bedtime. Mom said"I will show you how to pin these on, ***** down and lie on your bed" As she was diapering my I got a hard penis which my mom tried to ignore . "Now get to bed" she said.
     When the lights went out I felt myself thru the soft layers and couldn't wait to wet my new diapers. I was so excited I couldn't sleep and after a couple of hours I got up and snuck into sissy's room and gently woke her up. Sissy Sissy mom got me diapers! She immediately woke up and reached out to feel my soft diapers. "Brother you DO have diapers on!" she quietly exclaimed.  "Sissy I want to wet them right now!" she kept her hand on the front of my diaper as I let loose a warm rush of pee pee and got so hard so fast that I could hardly finish peeing! Sissy was delighted to have such a naughty brother as she stroked me to my first ****** in my wet diapers! "Sis can I feel inside your diapers again?" She guided my hand into her already sodden diaper and gave a groan of pleasure as my fingers found her wet wett spot. In seconds she exploded in a strong teenage ******. In spite of my already having ***. I got a huge erection again and I reached into my own diaper and played in the wet heaven of my diaper and plastic pants.....
     That was such a memorable and exciting experience it was imprinted on my mind forever and my life revolved around the next experience with sissy in our secret paradise together as diaper wetting siblings.
     One morning wee could hardly wait to "play" with each other, me and sissy. But it was a school day and we couldn't. After school we went straight home and put diapers on in her room and went into the closet to play. Sissy told me she wanted me to put my penis in her diaper and wet hers! I was so excited and hard that I couldn't. In frustration I backed out and she took hold of me and stroked me as she wet her diaper. just then mom came storming into the room and opened the door to the closet and exposed sissy and me to her angry face and she said "go to your room immediately Ill deal with you later" I could hardly walk as I hung my head and shakily walked to my room.
    We were both grounded indefinately and were told that we were scheduled to meet with a therapist the next day... seperately. To make a long story short after many sessions sissy and me were STILL meeting each other for diaper sex. But we had our parents and the therapist fooled into thinking it was all over. Wee had to be ever so careful nowadays it was extremely difficult to find a time to get together but that's all either of us thought about!
     As our teenage hormones started flowing more and more and with our time together so very limited wee both started to ********** every night as we thought about the delights of diaper sex together. Our parents took extreme measures to make sure we didn't have a chance to be alone. After a few months though their fears abated a bit and we occasionally had a chance to be together for some fleeting moments. OH those times were SO exciting! OMG when we had our hands in each other's diaper were the best times of our lives. We became very inventive too. I finally got my chance to wet her diaper and she cummed strongly just from that with no other stimulation. We would rub our soggy, puffy fronts together in ectacy. and hours after our "meetings" I could STILL smell my naughty sissy's fragrence on my fingers, I cherished that smell and would frequently smell my fingers and play with myself thru the folds of my thouroughly wetted diapers and plastic pants.
     Months went by and Sissy and me were very frustrated ant not being able to see each other more often. BUT every "meeting" was a new and exciting adventure. Wee decided to wear our diapers to school under our thick winter cloths and one day we did. During lunch we sneeked to the playing field and met each other under the bleachers. We undid our cloths just enough to get our hands inside each other's diapers and kissed as we played with each other down there. We were both soaked to begin with and we were both in heaven for one fleeting moment.
     As time went on it was amazing that we hadn't been found out but that was soon to change. My dad was a hard *** and he considered me a "sissy" because of my bedwetting. He was pissed that I had fooled around with "HIS" daughter too. We grew apart and had little to say to each other. But mom was somewhat more sensitised to my situation, not about what happened with my sister but about my night time wetting and diapers and all. There was now a plastic barrier on my mattress because of leaking after heavy wetting at night. Almost every morning when I woke up my diapers were soaked and I had a big ol hard on which I would take care of in my soggy diapers.
     Sissy had some friends that my parents didn't like. Teenage girls are a trip they are such a tease too. I later found out that at least one of them was a bedwetter too which was somewhat of a basis for their friendship. Of course I was interested in that and my teen fantasies were wet and wild. When sissy found out that I was having fantasies about her girlfriend she freeked out! She told me to stay away from her "or else". I became obsessed though as 15yr old boys are and I was determined to get to know her. Sissy and me still had the occasional meetings for diaper sex though and things were as hot and heavy as ever. One time in the middle of the night wee got together and she took her wet diaper off and had me take mine off too. She pinned her soaking diaper onto me and I did the same for her. Her diapers were pink and her plastic pants had ruffles on the legs and waist. I was instantly hard feeling my sister's pee pee soaked diaper caressing my hard pee pee. And sissy moaned as I pinned my diaper on her. We had learned to stay excited for long periods of time in our wetties together and it was fantastic how turned on wee were wearing each other's pee pee diapers on us. Sissy said "my frilly pink diapers and plastic pants look cute on you." And they DID and WOW how they felt knowing how feminine and sexy they were and that I was wearing my sissy's pee pee filled diapers!!!
     Not long after that I happened to meet my sissy's friend (the bedwetter one) in the field after school, I had met her briefly a few times just in passing and she was kinda cute and short and I liked her. She was shy but I think she liked me too and we said hi, her name was Sylvia but everybody called her Syll. My sister had given her the same warning as she had given me, to stay away but we just sort of clicked for some reason and agreed to meet here tomorrow and "go for a soda." I was excited all day thinking of her and her bedwetting "problem" I was trying to think of ways to bring up the subject without embarassing her. She WAS shy but eventually I got up the nerve to say that I had a similar problem as my sister... you know at night. You know she kind of perked up at that and since she now knew I was a bedwetter it made her feel less shy. A couple of weeks went by and we met twice more and the last time we saw each other she confessed to her bedwetting too! OMG she was red in the face and I just wanted to hug her and kiss her and tell her that that was GREAT! But of course adolescent ackwardness set in and I just said "OH." Finally the next time we saw each other I confessed that it was ok and that her "problem" was fine with me. She brightened at that and I could tell she wanted me to touch her and I took her hand in mine and I had a very strong male reaction in my pants and I was sure she could tell.
     Syll had come over to our house one afternoon with my sissy and when our eyes met a tingle went through my whole body like an electric shock! My sissy noticed and quickly led Syll up to her room and closed the door. My heart was pumping at maximum level and my hands were shaking a little. A couple of weeks later Syll and my sister came home after school and invited me up to sissy's room ! ! ! My parents were not home from work yet so I went up. Sis locked the door and got that naughty, bright twinkle in her eye, and Syll couldn't take her eyes off of her shoes. Finally sis said we have something to show you. Sis took out two identical sets of pink diapers and plastic pants. Syll was speechless and red in the face but my naughty sissy held her hand and said that Syll was going to spend the night and she is a bedwetter so we are going to wear my diapers tonight, what do you think? It was my turn to be speechless and I was having the expected reaction my sis was waiting for. "I think my brother likes the idea" she said.
     After several hours of agonizing waiting in the middle of the night I went to sissy's room and crept in. They were waiting for me but they had been busy playing naughty games under the covers in their diapers for quite a while... I didn't know what my part was to be and I was a bit uncomfortable and sissy told me to show Syll what I was wearing under my pj bottoms so I pulled them down to expose my already wet diapers and plastic panties. The girls quietly giggled their heads off. They had a plan and put it into action," MOM" Sissy shouted and a couple of stunned seconds went by as I stood there paralized in Sissy's room in my wet diapers! Mom rushed into the room and grabbed my arm and pulled me into the hall.
     Two weeks later I found myself in boarding school in the principal's office as I was being enrolled there. I was made to explain that I was a cronic bedwetter and to give my supplies to the nurse. Hell for two years is all I can say about my experience in boarding school. I was endlessly teased and tortured about being a bedwetter and sissy wetter.
     I returned to my home town to attend collage across town from where I grew up. I was more mature and shy and sensitive and I had become a completely cured bedwetter after two years of being teased and made to feel completely inferior to the rest of the kids for my "unhealthy habit." I was sad and confused and scared to be going to collage and my parents were distant and my sister had become a young woman. When we finally got a chance to talk privately I asked my sis why she had done it? Why!? Her response shocked me... she said " I had to, because I discovered  I am gay and I was falling in love with Syll ! You were getting to know her too well and I knew what was going to happen and that I was going to loose her to you!" I asked her how Syll was and she said that after that night Syll did not want to be her friend anymore because she was so shocked by what had happened that fateful night. "I lost her" sis cried and I'm SO sorry for what I did to you. I never thought that mom and dad would send you away like that." "well they did" was all I could say. I was heartbroken to have lost sissy and Syll forever in one horrible moment, and the two years of sheer torture and lonlyness I had gone thru.
     Sissy went away to school in another town and I just tried to adjust to living in the dorm at collage. I desperately wanted to find out what happened to Syll and eventually I found out that she was still in town and working at a department store. After a few miserable months I ventured to go see her at work. She worked in the cosmetics dept. and I found her easily. But I couldn't bring myself to go up to her. I left feeling bad. A month later I psyched myself up to go to the dept store again and I walked up to the counter and said "hi Syll" She was shocked for a moment but got herself together and said "HI" She was actually glad to see me! We made plans to have coffee soon and we exchanged numbers. WOW!
     We finally got to spend a few afternoons together and we really hit it off. One day I kissed her and she kissed me back with full intensity. That broke the ice and all kinds of feeling poured out of both of us. The subject of diapers and bedwetting finally came up and I told her how I had been tortured and teased at boarding school and that I was no longer wetting my bed. She was SO sympathetic and understanding! What a sweet sweet young woman she turned out to be and after some time I softened and became more receptive to her soft urges to wear my diapers again at night. I finally gave in and wore some diapers to bed in my dorm one night but I couldn't enjoy it because I was so paranoid of my roommate finding out.
     Weeks went by with our passionate kissing and generally getting to know each other, but no luck with diapers for me, the urge had left me with all the teasing and all. But still the thought of Syll in diapers grew in me like a fast growing flower, a tropical vine in fact and soon I was burning with desire to diaper her and play those delicious, lucious wet games with her, and I know she felt the same. But there was nowhere to go to spend our passion, we both had roommates and we were both busy with school and work.  We were taking it slow too and for the first time in my life I felt I was falling in love!
     Summer was great and we were together a lot and in love, but it still remained to consummate our love. Her parents kept a close reign on her too, but we had to figure a way to be together. She was going back to school and fall was near and she was going to my collage! The amazing thing was that she had a problem, she was a nighttime wetter and could not be in a normal dorm situation. I was amazed to hear that there was a special dorm for nocturnal wetters! Can you believe it? (There are actually such things) I guess there were quite a few young collage kids with this problem. So she was enrolled and got a dorm room with other night wetters. As it turns out she had a legitimate problem as I knew from my own experience there were also kids that simply liked wetting their beds for fun as I had done, and their parents were none the wiser. As I later found out there was a lot of fun going on in that particular dorm and even though it was split into boys and girls quarters they all knew each other anyway because of the proximity of their dorm rooms.
     That was our really good break FINALLY... some of the wetters had rented a flat together and used it to "play". It was small and had a couple of beds and you could not miss the fact that it was a bedwetters room because of the stains on the mattresses and the acrid sweet odor of a wet bed. We managed to get some time there and my life changed forever as I changed my girlfriend into her diapers for the first time! The old familiar odors and the intimate feeling of diapering Syll brought it all back to me in a flash* All my old feelings came back to me with an intensity that was almost overwelming!
       All the pent up passions and frustrations disappeared in an instant. I wanted her to wet her diapers for me immediately! She was still a bit shy but she squatted down and eventually got her stream going. I could hear the old familiar sound of her wetting herself and it drove me crazy with desire for her. I had never been able to *** so many times in one afternoon ever before. The next time we got to use the flat she said she had a "special treat" for me as she pulled some pink diapers and frilly plastic pants out of her knapsack and laid them on the bed for me. FOR ME! My hardness was so instant and persistent it almost hurt and when Syll pulled my pants off and started to pin the beautiful sissy diapers on me she could hardly get them on me over my big fat hard on! Then the smooth pink ruffly plastic pants went over my diapers and I was in heaven and Syll had brought me back to life.....

                                                                                                                                           (SEE PART 2 !) still in progress......


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Sweet story. I'm not a **** play person but I liked your story. I'm a little envious too.

I just love stories about underaged kids experimenting with sex no matter what turn it takes.

indeed and what made your story so good was that it happened with your sister. I love it that it was two underaged kids and they were siblings. Those are the best stories. And you're right. That will never ever be able to be repeated.

Hang on to those memories. Some of us do not have great memories like that. Does she share the same fondness that you have of the incidents?

why don't you continue to have sex with her?

would you stop your children from having sex with each other?
Would it work out if you went and visited your sissy and had sex with her secretly?

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I was a late bedwetter too but the shame and the teasing forced me to stop.

It is fun writing stories about wetting, isn't it sissyscotti. I have written quite a few but they have all been ficticious unfortunately. I am sitting im a wet nappy as I write and have white Babypants (that swish and rustle beautifully as I walk!) on to protect the chairs, wishing I could share it with someone.

Out of curiosity, what happened between you and Syll afterwards? Loved the adventure though! I don't have any siblings so I can't have the same experience and my cousins wouldn't go along with it, not even just the diapers.

That is a wonderful story. I would have loved to get physical with a yonger sister. Alas, I was the baby of our family. My older sister never tried to diaper me, sad face.

Ooh,that sounds like fun sissyscottii. Lets play.

What a wonderful hot story!!

Very sweet story about 2 young people.

Why is it such a CRIME to be a bed wetter????

Great story! Makes it all the better to know there's some truth in there. Exciting. Wish I could know.....

Wow. Such a great piece. Doesn't feel like a story ... feels like a real life account. So don't tell me it's not!!

I totally agree Kim. Fun!

And the rest of the story is ...?