I Am Actually a "AB" Mommy

I am a "Mommy" I love AB and I session with AB's and DL's often. It is one of the most wonderful things I have found in the wonderful world of fetish.

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wow you have caught my complete attention, i been in search of such a woman for quite some time, no im not some weirdo or stalker ,i really would like to share the fetish of wearing diapers and plasticpants with an undestanding woman. to have her change me and do other mommy things with me would be a dream come true. thanks for being the loving, giving, understanding beautifull person you are. i sure would enjoy being your freind would you consider adding me as a freind ? i'd love to talk with you. thank you and have a great day you made my life a little brighter and hopefull thanks again for sharing. howlin xo.

Please add me!

Hi there. My name is Johnny. Umm I'm new to all of this, well not new but well here it goes. I've been secretly wearing diapers for about 7 years now off and on and never really got into the baby side. Until I started talking to people (mommies) online these past few years. Now I'm getting really into finding someone to share these new feelings with. A mommy who cares, someone just to talk to and see what happens. I'm in school still, working on my MA, and also work on the weekends. I go out and date girls, but no one has any idea about this side of my life, and I would be mortified if anyone I knew found out. But yeah umm it just sucks being alone with this and these feelings aren't going away. They are getting stronger since, and it feels so good inside, when the mommies I've met online and I have talked about these things. Now I wanna find a mommy to love and hold, someone who understands. I'm cautiously optimistic that there is a mommy somewhere who needs a timid, scared, and nervous little boy who wants to hold their hand and hug them tight and love them. I will send pics upon request, but sorry, I don't have any of me diapered or as a baby... yet lol

hi i am a AB my self i have been baby for a long time around the age 10 and wetting to day that can com me down i can Findley talk to friends and we know wear are coming from

want to baby me?

kewl subject."" Have experience it.<br />
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My sister is 8 years older then I am and my mother raised us by her self after my dad was killed in a hunting accident. As part growing up my sister had to help with the chores and one of them was to help change my diapers. I was a nervous boy growing up and when I went to school I would get so nervous I peed my pants. I was put into a diaper and plastic pants. I stayed that way till 3rd. grade. I was ok in the same school system I like the routine. My mother took on another job same town and we moved to be closer to her work. soon after I stareted the new school it started again. Wet my pants ,back into diaper but by now they had panpers so that's what I was put into. I got to wear I was very confortable in a diaper and stayed in them for most of my high school years. After that military so no diapers. got out and decided I wanted to wear them again. Told my sis and she was kewl with it. I was living with her for about 1 year after my mother passed. Got a job working constuction broke my leg and screw up my knee preety bad so was in bed for couple months. preety hard to go to the bath room so stayed in a diaper and my sis change me when she was home. after that I moved out but still use diapers. My sis and I both got married and told my wife before we got married and let her know my sis also knew. she talk to her to see if I was telling the truth. My sis had 3 babies and breast fed them all. I would watch her and she look at me and said the way u are looking I would think u want the same. Red face I told her no. she always had a way of keeping me in control so she told me to sit beside her and wacth how it's done. After she finished with her baby she told me it's my turn. she told me to lay on her lab faceing her she raised my head to her breast.. wow so wonderfull. been hook ever since. I've been breast fed by my wife and sister. when we were in our younger days. Now I still wear a diaper at 66 and when my sis comes to visit she checks to see if I got one on and wants to change me like old times. Long story but true. oh and by the way I am a c/d been that long time .

i did not have no buddy to take car of me i have liked diapers for a long time i had to stop my self military i was around age 10 still to day

I think that it is awesome for you to be an AB mommy. Do you change diapers; both wet and messy? Do you nurse your babies?

It would be great to have a real momy taking care of my diapers and also being strict some times.

i like to have a mommy/ baby sister , so i can change her diapers too

you say that you are a mommy and like being a mommy for ab/dl's well you need to tell us more about yourself. you need to tell us stories from your side of the issue; how you fill ,some of your experiences, do you wear diapers as well, do you breast feed, etc. those kind of things.

tell me everything

i whant to chat with you and we can talk more

A mommy has to be dominating, but in a loving way that will satisfy both her baby's and her needs

Diapers rule!

I want to be babied. We should chat

I am young still LOL.... Top this I did a movie called 9x7 that was HIS SIZE!!

I also have tattoos and leather :)