Crinklepants True Diaper Story.

I Diaper Lover because I wear diapers 24/7.

Hi! you can call me Baby Billy because this is how I want to be treated by a young lady friend if I can find one that wishes to treat me so.  Anyway I was born a premie at 2.5 pounds at six months,I almost died because I was so small.  This was in 1950 and back then premies had little chance of living.  I was not pottie trained until I was four and then I still wet the bed and wet alot in the day time as well,this according to my parents.  When I was six I was given a polio shot from which I got Encephalitis,sleeping sickness, west nile virus these are other names of this type of sickness.  I was unconcious for a week and actually pronounced dead to my parents by the doctor.  I of course did survive after being given some very new strong drugs.  But I had a fever of 107 degrees which damaged my brain.  When I finally came too it was found that I had no memory and I was like a new baby.  I could not walk,talk or feed my self and no control over my pee or poop.

I was put in therapy but it took a year for me to learn to walk and talk,which even today I still have trouble saying some letters such as R or th etc.  I was of course unable to control my pee and poop and so I was put in diapers.  I finally was able go to school at age seven and half.  The kids made fun of me at first because I had to wear diapers and I still could not walk or talk very well.  So I guess I seemed like a retarded or mentally slow kid to them.  But I could think okey just that my body refused to corporate.  The kids didn't know this so they were scared of me because they didn't understand me my mommy and daddy said.

This  went on until I was twelve when I got polio because the doctor would not let me have a polio shot again.  Well the polio attacked my right side which was my weaker side and crippled this side more than it was already.  I was back in a wheel chair and needed diapers even more noe.  The polio attacked my bladder and the area surrounding area thus ending any hope of controling my pee and poop.  The doctor said that I would be forever wearing diapers.  Since I had been wearing diapers anyway for the same reason this news did not bother me.  Nothin new right.  The polio left my right leg weak and smaller and shorter than my left leg..  So kids and adults have called me gimpy or retard or stoopid.  Any way life is cruel.   I graduated high school when I was twenty and college when I was 23.  I worked for the Park Police when I finished college and then the library.  I evenworked security for Montichello(home of Thomas Jefferson).Well I am noe retired on disability because my body is in pain from the illnesses I have suffered.  But because I have worn diapersand plastic pants so long I have come to depend on them for security and comfort like an old friend.  And actually enjoy wearing them and using them.  I would like to have a girlfriend to change me and treat me like a toddler.  I have footed sleepers and rompers like a big baby.  I just feel more secure this way.  I don't remember my child hood so maybe this is my way for making up for that I don't know.  But wearing diapers and baby type of clothes is what I like and will until I die.

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@ BabyBilly - Honestly, even though there were some spelling errors, you didn't come off sounding like you're any worse (mentally) for what you have gone through in your life. What a terrible chain of events you've been faced with that took away so much, and yet, you appear to have gained from it all by having overcome your disabilities with a good attitude and outlook.<br />
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Good for you, too, that you understand that your diapering need is no different than someone else needing a medication or prosthetic. How many people on this planet need something special to maintain their health & well-being. For me, it's an acid blocker (and a diaper, too). For you, a diaper to contain messes. No big deal. Life dealt you that hand, and you're playing it well.<br />
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For those of us that choose diapers, perhaps we're in it for that same level of comfort & understanding you get from having something you can depend on for potty needs. Why ever we choose or need our diapers, we're all brothers & sisters-in-arms of a sort.<br />
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I see you haven't been on since 2008. Hope you're doing ok!<br />
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Rock on Baby Billy, wherever you are!<br />
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yah way to go,luv it

im sorry.but your happy that means its all good.