A Little But Big Problem

i have been reading some stories of people that love to wear diaper. i love to do it to but i have never been able to.

many of you have a lot of privacy and time(going on a trip alone or with trusty friends). i dont have any friend that trusty to tell him that i love to wear diapers. and i can't go on a trip alone because my parents are to suspicious. and i also see that many of you have no problem in buying diapers but i could never do it.i know that this a problem that many have so if someone have a way to get the diapers without go trow a uge embaressment please tell me.

the first time i go on a trip its goin to be heaven.

the storie that i loved to read was montain house from WiiChiick86. thanks for the storie. and that is what i wigh above all(is to stay in an isolated house for a weak).

please post more stories like that


krix krix
1 Response Feb 14, 2010

sorry guy you just have to brave it , or if you have a visa card you can order them from mydiapers.com