Spreader Diaper & Big Plastic Pants

Tonight I felt I just had to. The desire had been building for so long. I knew it was waiting for me, calling me, wanting to be used. My big spreader diaper, made of cloth with a 10 inch crotch and fitted with a spreader pad that is 1½ inches thick. So I drank 3 cans of beer and I am still drinking water, as I sit here at the screen with my legs spread wide apart, looking at EP and ****, and my bladder bursting.


I am also wearing my large yellow plastic pants to catch the excess pee that is sure to come, while I look at friends’ profiles and read stories on EP, and watch a video on Daily Motion of a Japanese girl called Aya Sakai  pressing her huge **** so that her pointy big nipples spray milk everywhere.


Now it is getting too much and I can’t control it any more. My **** has a life of its own and with each squirt of milk from Aya’s breasts, my penis is squirting jets of pee into my diaper. Oh yes here comes some more, soaking my heavy padded diaper, which is filling up now and feeling warm and wet around my balls and arse.


I will keep filling up with water and then ******* into my diaper and plastic pants until they can take no more. Then I will cover my bed with a plastic sheet, put a plastic romper over my bulging wet diaper and plastic pants and go to bed and pee all night, waking up in a sea of pee in the morning.


If only someone would be there to share it…..


PS. Well I did it. I put on my pink plastic romper and then my green plastic sweat suit to keep it all in and went to bed at 12.30, taking with me some old Wet Set magazines to so as to read the wetting stories and some Baby Doll and Nugget magazines to look at wetting pictures. I read and pissed, looked at hot pics and pissed, slept a bit and pissed.


I lay on my back, so that the pee run down through my pubic hair, over my balls and down the crack in my arse into the diaper. Then I turned over onto my front and squirted a high pressure stream into my diaper, that felt almost like I was *********** into a warm wet *****. This continued until 5.30am. I was amazed that the wadding in the diaper just seemed to soak everything up. It was like having a huge wet sponge around my genitals. But eventually it reached saturation point and pee started leaking out of the legs and the waist band of the plastic pants into the romper and the sweat pants.


So now I am sitting here with pee leaking down my legs as I type, still with some ******* to come. It feels so good, I had to get up and tell you all about it.

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3 Responses Feb 26, 2010

Actually Wet Set is an Australian magazine and web site

I meant to add that I am going to try to wet the bed tonight, wearing ordinary plastic pants over my nappy. I failed once before, as you would know if you had read my story about "Wetting the Bed". I usually try to avoid wetting it as there is such a bother with washing the sheets and stuff and if it goes out on the line too often, questions are bound to be asked! I live in one of four units and my fellow occupiers have no idea (and could be somewhat censorious!) of my adult babyhood. So as a rule, I put my nappy and rubber pants on when I go to bed, but pull them down and pee in the toilet for the first couple of wets. Tonight I shall not bother but let the lovely warm pee spread over my **** and balls and up my bottom as I move about in the bed. Glorious !!! LOL Oh, just read your PS. Sounded just GREAT. wish I could get one or two of those magazines you spoke of. Haven't heard of any out here dealing with wetting. LOL

Great account of what I am sure was a delightful wetting, I only wish I was that someone to share it, sitting in my thick nappy and rubber pants. The bloomer type ones that hold so much pee. Then, if your bed had a double sized waterproof Baby sheet, we could both wake up to a bed saturated with our pee and change each other's nappies in the morning - later on, of course, because we'd have to walk around in them wet for a while. Lovely dream LOL