Another Problem With Possible Solution

its me again
can someone help me?
please tell me where can i buy diapers discretaly with out showing my face.
like i put the money in a place and them the person leaves there the bag?
and if there is some diaper lover teen in Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal. please add me. im from there
krix krix
5 Responses Mar 8, 2010

thank you.<br />
i 'll give it a try

I would try Craigslist. There are people in your area selling things every day. Give it a try and you can pick them up from them or you can have them deliver them. You can even arrange a meeting place if you want. Just a suggestion.

ok thanks

well. like i said i do´t have anyone that trusty. im a bit close about friends because of a real traumatic experience. i think the only way is to find someone in my area and do that.<br />
well. i have good friends but none is that trusty

its impossible to me to do that because my father works at home while im at school.<br />
i still think the best way is to find someone in my area and make a deal.