Diapers Diapers Diapers

i was 3 at the time.i went outside to play by myself.i looked down and i wet myself.i went inside and told my mom what had happened.she had a beauty shop in our house at that time.i said can i wear a diaper.she said no.well one of her customers said my boy is 3 and wears diapers.my mom went into the bedroom with a diaper and baby powder.she laid me on the couch in her shop pulled off my wet shorts and undies.she then powdered my bottom and diapered me.the diaper was a little tight.she finished with the customer.she said something to the lady.they were good friends.my mom said ill be right back.the lady told me dont be ashamed accidents happen.my mom came back in with 3 packages of pampers toddler sized diapers.she checked my diaper and i was soaked.she pulled off my shorts and took of my wet diaper.she powdered me and put a fresh pampers diaper on me.she went to the bedroom and got me some shorts to wear.i went outside to play and wet myself on purpose.my mom sais come here and let me check your diaper.she said its a good diaper.i peed alot and it didnt soak through.we went in and she laid me on my bed and changed me.
my dad came home and asked who are the diapers for.she said me.my dad said ok he understood.we ate and i went to bed and woke up sopping wet.she took off my pajamas powdered my bottom and diapered me.i loved the smell of baby powder and the sound of the plastic diaper.i wore diapers all day till kindergarten.then i wore them at night till i was 6.
Vet19891994 Vet19891994
41-45, M
Nov 26, 2012