What's the best diapers to get ?? Which arnt to bulky so I can get away with wearing them?
joshw222 joshw222
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i find the best one to be prevail per-fits they aren't bulky and they are clothe covered so they don't make any noise and they look really cute too. and they hold up really good

I'm also diapered 24 7

Attends is quite thin and descrete as is also the Tena flex.

Where do I get them from? Xx

Here I buy them on the net.

Ah ok any good website? X

I buy them here in Europe, in Norway!

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Depends protection with tabs are fairly thin

I am diapered 24-7

Abena X Plus plastic backed they come in medium M4 or large L4

The abena are thick so you might want to try Tranquility ATNs