It Was A Matter Of Time

Funny today I was to be on the road all day. So when I left this morning I put on a pullup and my vinyl panty. I always don't use my diaper but better safe than sorry when on these road trips. Under my black plaid skirt and blue blouse with blazer uniform it's a no brainer. When I got to the office to check out my partner Sherry said we had to attend a meeting first. These new rules on Medicaid and health care are changing daily. So off to the meeting I went. We had to watch a state clip then Mark went over the new law details. Sitting there with the group of 27 people I got to pee. Great this is wild. Now if I was on the road hey no problem. I decided to try an excuse myself but then remembered Beth your diapered. I slowly let out my pee. It trickled down my butt and felt awesome as my *** got nice and warm. Cool here i am in a meeting wetting my diaper. No one knew a thing but me. I tried to hide my glee. Sherry asked me why the smirk an I told her I just had a funny thought. The meeting ended and I got up in my comfy wet diaper and had some coffee with my friends. What a start to a great day. I finally used my diaper at work. WOW.
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What kind of diaper are you using? I've tried depends & they leak really badly. I'd love to be able to pee at work like you are

Go online and get Tena's or Tranquility they work great. If you use attends or depends you need to get Leakmaster vinyl pants. Enjoy and wait til your first poopie diaper... WOW

you go girl


Beth Please reply with authenticity, support, and respect

My suggestion is to get the best pull-up money can buy, for these occasions. Know that they'll provide enough absorption, if used wisely, and take huge comfort in knowing that you belong to the exclusive club of people (men and women) that can wet when & where they want, with security. Obviously, you can gage how well you best-choice pull-up works by making some dry (wet) runs at home on a weekend, knowing how much they can take on a typical given day. Also, obviously, there's no reason you can't use the potty, if and when you reach max absorption with whatever you're wearing. The nice part of this is you can max your pant out, and continue to stay in it until the end of the day.

Enjoy your work diapers!

BTW, I used to wear Goodnites to work every single day for nearly ten years, sometimes with plastic pants, and sometimes not. Rarely did I ever have a leak or did I get a sideways glance from anybody... Sadly, Goodnites have changes since those days (not as form fitting (on me) and definitely not as absorbent as they used to be.

very nice! do you wear pantyhose too?

I was done with work several years before I started to play with diapers. I tried very hard to curb my wetting at work, if I could be a good girl, till noon was pretty good, but then I might find myself sitting on the toilet peeing with my panties and pantyhose still on. I could get away with wetting my panties once in a while but I really tried to stay dry till last break, or quitting time. I can't remember how many times I got off work, had to pee but ignored the toilets, or loo, and went my way home knowing I'd never make it dry. That was a big part of the excitement for me. Knowing I wouldn't be able to make it home dry.
Wetting yourself sitting in your meeting is wonderful, thanks for sharing!