I am think about wear 24/7 what do u guys and girls think
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It is difficult. Don't think you'll start wear diapers one day and never look back. It took me about a month of planning and making arrangements before I was comfortable enough to jump in my diapers fulltime. Some things to think about is the cost of using diapers, what brand are you going to use, cloth or disposables, where are you going to purchase them, how difficult will it be to wear at work, how well will your employer and co-workers handle it when they find out you wear diapers(I don't care how careful you are, if you go 24/7 and stick with it long enough eventually you'll be found out) are you going to use your diapers just for pee or poop and pee, either decision present different problem's, can you change your diaper in a public restroom if there are other people outside the stall you are in. At some point you will have to do this. Believe me undoing each one of your diaper tapes will sound like a shotgun going off and it is such a distinctive sound that only someone half brain dead won't be able to figure out what is going on and realize your the one wearing the diaper and changing yourself. Since you are putting a new diaper on, well that means you obviously used the old one. I don't want to completely discourage you because I know you can overcome these issues if you put your mind to it. I've been doing it for about eight months and I love being diapered 24/7. If I have my way there will be a diaper taped between my legs until I die and by God they better bury with fresh one in place. So just think it through and can make work. It's worth because I know how much I love it.

believe it or not it's harder then you think it is. but it is a lot of fun too