My Mom Put Me In Diapers

It was after school and i came home like normal till this happend. My mom went on X2 an online report card updated daily. She saw I was FAILING ELA AGAIN. Last year my mom made me wear diapers during the day and pull ups cool alert at night. Witch made peeing at night verry uncomfortable. And I wasn't allowed to use the bathroom at all. My mom said to me "why did you get the F". She checked it when I was at school. So, my mom stripted me of my pants and boxers I was like WTF but I played it cool. She said your not to use the toilet and only diapers and pull ups. She replaced all doors with doors you need a key to open. That night I was doing my homework and I had to go so I tried the bathrooms and released it in my diaper witch filled up fast. I asked her if I could get changed and said no I can in ten min. Or befor bed. I said in ten. But she said sit down and do homework. I said I can stand. She said I had to sit or no change. So I sat down and I could feel all the pee on me. 23 min. later she said time for dinner. I wanted to be dry befor my dad and my 2 brothers got home. Mom said " eat up ". So I did. Then I peed more. I asked my mom if SHE wanted to change me. She said yes. So I asked her wear are they and she said "there in my room". That way I couldn't change myself. After I got changed I was wearing a pull up. That ment time for bed soon. I had to go poop really had to go. So I thought I could get changed again. My mom said no when your wearing a pull up that ment final change for the night. You have to be kidding me. I had a poop that felt so big. Mom said tomorrow you will hav a crib instead of a bed so enjoy it. How could I. I had a **** as big as the bed. When I woke up today it was a beautiful Saturday except the loaded diaper. Pull up. I asked if I could be changed. Mom was out. Dad said these are the times you can get a change. 7:00am, 8:00 meal 1 8:30am, 9:45am, 12:00pm lunch, 2:00 pm, 4:00pm, 6:00pm 6:15 dinner, 800pm, 9:15 final 10:00pm bed. But it's 9:25. Can you change me now. Dad says ohhh of corce I will not. I started crying. Then Anthony walked in. Ohhhh did the wittle boy wet himself. Dad said mabe but pooped yes. I start to cry more and more. Then dad said do you want a late first meal of the day. Yes, I said. Dad gave me LC'S. Then I had to go more. I pooped again and peed. That was when mom came back. Mom it's 8:30. Ok. So I see we have a messy one today. I was never happier to wear a diaper. 12 min. later the crib from Aunt Sally and Uncle Mike. Mom said we'll put that in Jack's room. Were is Jack? He is back there. I was wearing just a diaper and Aunt Sally came in and said how are you? I said do you know why Uncle Mike has a crib for my room? Yes. Jack get in here. I came out and went in my room. Keep in mind I am still in now what is a wet diaper only. What do you think? I "love it". Not I hate it. Mom said I think I know what time it is. Nap time. Oh no!!! Hell no. Mom said get in the crib. So I did. Peater or my dad said do you have the other things. Witch wear baby toys and a high chair. Mom came in and said time for a snack. I was put in the high chair in just a wet diaper. After my snack it was time for another change. It was just past 9:30 and I had to poop now. Then she said let it out. After that mom gave me a smack on the diaper and poop was every were in my diaper. She said that was for the h word she said we will let the first one go. Mom said you look thirsty. She grabbed the formula with laxatives. I went so much more. Nap time. 13 min. away my next change then it was dinner time. I wore a t shirt and uhh what's that other thing ohh ya a messed diaper. Every one wore pants and a shirt. Again more laxatives. Anthony said mom change baby stink. Andy agreed. I had to go at 8:20pm. Anthony put more laxatives in my milk befor bed. I had to go all night. Then it was 10:34 and could not hold it in. Then woke up to a flush next room over and I peed so much if I sat down it would pop. Anthony pushed me down and the pee overflowed and looked like I wet my pants if I wasn't wearing diapers. As I walk to go down stairs there was a gate. Mom. Iyeld for 3min. and it was past my change time. Dad made me sit in a bouncer in front of the tv with the baby shows. Time for first meal I couldn't watch tv I wanted to watch. So dad picked me up and put me in the chair. When I was done I was put in a play pen that I never knew we had. It was time for a change. After that mom put me in a car seat. I had to go five min. later. Mom bought be ones. And the mess was now worse. Let's skip through this part. Today was the first day I went to school as a baby. My mom wanted to give the nurse a bag with diapers. She put them next to the pull ups for the preschoolers. One day it was a sub and told me to use the pull ups and she would be checking. I was I big kid now and I first used the toilet then put on the wrong one I grabbed the nurses instead but it fit so well. When I got home I got bounce time. Then I went poop 3 times and pee 4 times then snack then homework and more and more came out like 2 nights ago. And got timeout cause when mom saw the size of the diapers. That ment I missed out on change time. To make matters worse I go a full smacking. She said no changes on Saturday but I had a sleepover that night. I asked if it could be Sunday. Mom sayed yes. I went up to take a nap then Andy gave some extras for the sleepover with a trash bag. Then came Saturday mom dropped me off and gave Jake's mom my change times. And Jake has to wear goodnights to bed. He said if my mom makes me wear them you have to wear them. His mom called my mom and it was ok for one night only but on one condition she puts more food on my plate with more laxatives. Jake pooped the second he put his on I died the same. Jake wanted to play all night and we could not change or go to the bathroom. My goodnights were overflowing I wore 2 for the rest of the day. Lucky for me I wanted it to count to day and it did. But I fell asleep and in the morning I left my iPod there and my mom gave him the tour. Jake saw me in the bouncer and said are you a baby my mom said it is his punishment. I now had 5 lbs in a goodnight. Back to diapers in ten mor min. I asked my mom for goodnights or underjams. She said no. Jake wears goodnight boxers. To school I asked my mom. No no no. 2 weeks my grade was in I got a D. D Stands for stays in Diapers all Sumer. All well for now. 5 weeks later I was dependent on diapers I started drinking more water eat more food and ect. My mom was going to be out for a while Anthony was in charge. Instead of feeding me and stuff like that he cuffed me to my crib and took the wet diaper off and put the one I wore for 2 days when we went to my cuzzs place and had no diaper but the one I had on and put another on and plastic pants. When mom came Anthony put sleeping pills in my food and took every thing and put one from 2 changes ago. I have to wear diapers to this day.
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great story is this true?

I would like for a woman to diaper me for fun. . .

I changed my name when I was in TC and that was after I came home so my name was Jack for school cause no one knew how to spell or pronounce my Russian Name